Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So, I was completely shit faced the other night. Home alone. Bored with facebook, I begin to browse pet rescue sites. RSPCA, Cat Protection Society. I've seen these ones a million times before, but I can't help looking. I decide this time to look at the Animal Welfare League.

And I find her.

A blue tuxedo manx. Jazz.

This is me, when I was 13. Jess is my cat. She is a blue tuxedo manx. It seems like fate.
I trekked out to the animal shelter. An hour away. Just to see this cat. We approached the cage, and she looks up us with big eyes, and starts paddling right where she's lying. I pick her up and give her a cuddle. I'm expecting her to drool. Then for the big question. 'What's she like with other cats?' I don't need her to be friends with them immediately, I just don't want her to be aggressive.

We introduced her to the cat in the next cage. She cringed against me, and hissed at it. We hmm'd at that. I went and met all the cats, then back to Jazz. We put her on the ground, and she immediately jumped back into her cage. Poor bugger was terrified.

We bought out the extremely friendly cat next to her. And had them both on the ground at the same time. The friendly cat was walking up to cats trying to tear the cage to pieces in aggression, without a flick of a whisker. So sweet. Jazz sat in the corner.

I went and met the other cats again. I went back to Jazz, and she gave me the hopeful eyes. I think my heart broke a little then. I went into the friendly cats cage to see if Jazz would approach the wire for a pat. She did, even though the friendly cat was at my elbow.

Decision made. I'd take her.

It took me about half an hour to get her out of the cattery. Not because of anything she did, but because the staff wanted to say goodbye to her. And I was more than happy for them to get her out of the cat carrier to give her one last cuddle. When I got her home, she settled in quite well. I set her up in the bedroom, with the door open so everybody has access when I'm home. When I'm not there, she is locked away.

The first night, I woke up several times. She was either in my bed, or out exploring. The second night I got home and discovered she'd been playing with some stuff in my room. I gave her some toys to play with and she already seems to have a favourite. I was playing with her before bed. Playing 'chasey under the sheet'. She got so excited she ran at me, gave me the quickest and most unexpected head bonk, then turned and leapt off the bed and out the door. When I woke up, she was exploring, but running to me when I called her. Last night I tried to force her to explore and meet the others. It did not work. She got scared, and hid. In the middle of the night she was under the bed. I shut the door to lock her away from the others, and in the morning she was quietly asleep at my feet.

Tonight I skipped training, and gave her lots of cuddles, some tinned food. I've lain on my bed with her in my arms, and Raia standing on my shoulder. No problems. She is actively, but cautiously, exploring right now. I had the other cats out on the balcony, and she watched with desire written all over her whiskers. The door was open for her to join us, but she didn't. When Boots wandered back inside she stood on the other side of the cat tunnel, to her full height (but not fuzzed out) and hissed for all her 7 kilo's was worth. Poor Jazz stayed very still. I walked calmly up to Boots, and she just watched me, like she had all the right in the world to scare the newcomer. I corrected her. She is now hiding under the couch in disgrace.