Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I hate my life right now. Still fat. Still depressed.

Friday, October 01, 2010


So. Its no secret I've gained weight. I worked so hard to lose it, and have gained a buttload back. originally my first priority was to deal with my depression, but that's dealt with. So I feel like I can focus on my weight loss again.

This week I made a resolution. I decided no chocolate for a week. And I did exceptionally well. Wed and thurs I had a slip up, a total of 20 chocolate bullets. Not too bad I think. And today, after the resolution had ended... No chocolate at all. Little resolutions work. So, I resolve the following.

I will train at least there times a week. If, for some reason, I cannot do three times a week, I will do FOUR times a week the next week to maker up for it.

I will have 4 morning teas at work that consist of yoghurt and berries, ricotta cookie, or museli slice. I can have a cafe coffee if I need one, but preference for premium instant. I get one free morning tea a month.

Visits to the ice creamery near work... Limited to once a month.

I will have at least one lunch our diner per day that is low carb.

No chocolate at home, but no stressing about if I have it at work either.

Eat outs are to be one per week. Two at the utter max. This is more for financial reasons, but works here too.