Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I hate my life right now. Still fat. Still depressed.


Ute said...

Still a lovely, beautiful, funny person in my books chick! xoxoxox

suze2000 said...

*hugs* Life can suck sometimes. Hang in there. Even untreated, most depression will resolve itself within a year (okay that's a shitty year, but at least there's hope that your brain will perk up even on its own).

Jen said...

I hear you.
We'll get better.

Sweet Cheeks said...

Hang in're beautiful!

Ms Smack said...


Dont beat yourself up about it honey. You've come a long way since the heavy heavy days and you're allowed some slack. You'll never go back to that size.

Depressed - what are you taking if anything? Time for a visit to the Dr?

hang in there.