Thursday, January 26, 2006


This says nothing about being for this year, so this is over a slightly longer time period. So, in no particular order (and helped out by the fact that I've already got a list)...

My Top 50 Goals

1. Become financially independant
2. Get a new phone - a flip phone that takes piccytures
3. Buy a new car - brand spanking new, complete with smell
4. Learn Spanish
5. Move interstate (again), preferably back to Queensland
6. To always work with animals
7. Ballroom dance
8. Sex (do I really need to expand)
9. Buy a friend sex toys (no, wait, already done that)
10. Lose weight
11. Stay up to date with my First Aid
12. Get a facial (non-porn variety), pedicure and maicure monthly
13. Learn to accept that there are other people out there who actually want to touch my body. (ewww. OK, that one needs a bit of work)
14. Own Manx cats
15. Do Animal Behavioural Training
16. Do a basic mechanics course
17. Visit New Zealand
18. Learn to ski properly
19. Get another tattoo (a blue deer)
20. Own cockateils
21. Have a vege and a flower garden
22. Learn how to brew my own beer.
23. Learn how to drink mass beer in the shortest period of time EVER!!!
24. Learn how to spell learn. (Its not LEATN)
25. Do Fundraising because I can
26. Say No
27. Travel
28. Learn to roll a smoke.
29. Email everybody monthly
30. Be Me (this should be #1, but its in no particular order)
31. Have time for me every week
32. Get a professional facial, pedicure, manicure and massage
33. Learn Martial Arts
34. More Sex
35. Go home at least every two years, for about 3 weeks
36. Learn how to make chocolate cake like Nan used to
37. Have one night stand - just because I can
38. Collect books - all in perfect condition, on a MASSIVE solid timber bookshelf or two
39. Own a bit of land - it goes up in value, and I can keep some cooool animals on it
40. Own reptiles
41. Learn to ride a horse
42. Learn to shoot
43. Go to Mardi Gras with Kez
44. Love life and find love
45. Go camping more
46. Be happy wherever I am in the world, and always be able to make friends
47. Go out more
48. Do vet nursing or vet science
49. Never forget how fun it is to push someone else's boundaries and watch them grow as a person
50. Pay attention to the world. Its not going to be there forever


Two parts of my heritage.
1. English
2. Irish

Two things that scare you.
1. Nasties (i.e. Spiders)
2. Ebola

Two fears you've overcome
1. Meeting new people
2. Trusting people (ok, so it took me 6 months to trust my current housemate, but I'm getting better)

Two of your everyday essentials.
1. Air
2. Chocolate

Two things you are wearing right now
1. Glasses
2. Really, really hot black undercoverwear bra. Seriously - it makes them look perky!

Two things you wore too much of this year.
1. Denim, but I love it
2. Those big black rings under my eyes

This years favourite bands or musical artists
1. Rob Thomas
2. Joshua Radin
3. Carey Brothers

Two things you want in a relationship
1. implusiveness
2. fun
adding a third 3. SEX

Best movies of all time.
1. Scrubs (I know its a TV show, but I love it)
2. The family guy movie
3. The Last Unicorn
4. The Wedding Singer
5. Underworld:Evolution (I'd let that warewolf bite me)

Two things you hate
1. Pushy people. No means no. 'I dont want to talk about it' means 'leave me the fuck alone'
2. Crying babies.

Two of your favourite hobbies
1. Collecting dust
2. Playing with my kitties

Two things you learnt last year.
1. That doing things for all the wrong reasons can still work out right
2. That I can get a job. And be DARN good at it.

Two accomplishments you were proud of.
1. Paying off all of my uni debts.
2. Moving interstate, where I knew NOBODY and 6 months later, having a well founded financial and social life

Two things you want really badly
1. Hapiness and inner peace
2. A clean bathroom

Two places you went last year
1. Gatton (moved there, from there)
2. Sydeny (moved there, from above)

Two places you want to go on vacation
1. Outer space
2. New Zealand

Two things you want to do before you die?
1. Travel and work overseas
2. Take a long holiday - half of it in a 5 star resort, and the other half camping.

Two ways that you are a stereotypical example of your gender?
1. Flirt. If its got a heartbeat I can flirt with it.
2. Scream at spiders

Two things that make you stand out from your gender
1. I get along better with guys than girls.
2. I dont bitch about period pain. It is. Just get used to it.

Two things you wouldn't normally admit.
1. My 'Goodie Drawer' is... pretty well stocked
2. I may seem insane, but thats because I really am

Two goals for the new year
1. To establish a love life
2. To get myself out of debt enough to get a car loan


Its funny how you can feel as miserable as you never knew possible, and the smallest gesture is enough to get you through your day. Let me explain...

I got some really bad (AWFUL) news today at work. Yes, I do work on public holidays, at 7:30 am. But that wasn't the bad news. My last remaining Grandparent passed away this morning. I was feeling all shite and trying to ignore what I was feeling (never crossed my mind to leave work - had to get everything organised for the guys looking after my stuff for the next couple of days). Anyhoo, at morning tea the guy of my current dreams is wandering around, busy as a blue arsed blowfly, and he takes some time to come in and sit down with everyone. The thing is he dropped in to tell me he'd returned a book that I'd lent him, and he ended up sitting next to me and we were discussing the lunch everyone was having to celebrate Chinese New Year tomorrow, and what was in the BigW catalogue. It was a teeny weeny conversation, but seeing as we never really get to talk, it made me feel a bit better.

***Have you ever noticed that if you read a book after a guy you're interested in, it smells really really nice. I wish this guy had read the book I'd lent him.***

Saturday, January 21, 2006

So much to say...

I was walking past a church the other day and there was sign out the front that said 'Faith is a journey, not a destination'. And I thought 'yeah'. Then I walked past another church, about 250m further down, and there was a sign taped to the door that said 'alarm has been activated'. Maybe they have a different kind of faith there.

Dumbness moment #64,028 "Plant is the new black"
I had a discussion the other day at work about the new black.
I was looking through a catologue and they had these bikini's in there. They were brown, but because of the reflection on the paper, it looked like an odd kind of aubergine/eggplant colour. And they had another label there, saying 'the new black' and an arrow pointing to the top.
I could swear the top was brown, but this catologue was telling me it was plant. What the hell colour is called 'plant'? I thought it was short for aubergine/eggplant. Turns out I had misread the catologue label, and the label was bikini pant. No L. Oops.
That discussion went on for about 6 minutes before I realised my mistake.

And finally...

Random thought #164
To dream of a black midget stealing sex toys whilst staying in a hotel, means that indeed, you should have had sex the night before.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Really must say this

Saw the Narnia movie yesterday.


Sunday, January 15, 2006

I'm Checking In...

Every time I get stressed and/or tired I get that tune in my head... you know, its from the Simpsons, about the Betty Ford Clinic. (Iiiiii'm Checkin In).

This weekend has been awful. Everything has gone wrong. I've been second guessing everything I've done in the past six months. No, I take that back, since May. Since I moved down here. I dont know If I've done something seriously wrong at work, or if someone else has come in on a weekend to mate some dogs and not made sure the boy is locked away. I guess I'll find out soon enough. I'll get raked over the coals on Monday, flayed alive, and dipped in rancid vinegar.

The bitch is moving out too. Couldn't handle me trying to get her to pay her bills and help clean up. I must say I'm glad, and can't wait for it to happen, but its all happened on a shit weekend. She's had milk in the fridge that went off before new years. I noticed it the other day because it had seperated. Apparently its too much to get her to throw it out. And dont even get me started on the fortnight old chicken. That I put in the fridge. Three hours after it was cooked.

So the problems at work, coupled with the shit at home, is making me go insane. And I'm taking it all out on everybody else.

Pass me the booze.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Viva le bargain hunting

I decided recently that I needed a new dvd player, based on the fact that my old one was no longer turning on. Seems reasonable to me. I had also decided that an air conditioning unit would be of great advantage this summer.
So yesterday afternoon I went to the Good Guys (retailers who sell electrical appliances, less for cash). I managed to pick up an LG DVD player for $90. My flatmate had bought the exact same model, for cash, two days previously, for $99. I managed top pick up a portable evaporative cooler for $90, down from $99.
I then decided I had enough money left in my wallet to try to pick up an mp3 player. So I went into another store, that had a larger range of mp3 players. Standing at the counter I was talking to the guy, counted my money in front of him, and said that was all I had. He checked how much
he could discount a few different types of mp3 player to. It was $5 more than I had, so he let me put some of the cost on the card. I managed to get a Sony 512MB mp3 palyer (valued at $180), for $140.

The joy of having breasts.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


The last post read

"Happy New Year Everybody. Its 44 C here. Waaay to hot to be near a piece of machinery in a poorly ventilated area."

It was actually about 48, both inside the house and out. The air con was doing sweet FA, except using a hell of a lot of electricity, and the motor on my fan burnt out. One of the girls at work had her thermometer acutally blow out the top AFTER 50C.