Thursday, January 26, 2006


Its funny how you can feel as miserable as you never knew possible, and the smallest gesture is enough to get you through your day. Let me explain...

I got some really bad (AWFUL) news today at work. Yes, I do work on public holidays, at 7:30 am. But that wasn't the bad news. My last remaining Grandparent passed away this morning. I was feeling all shite and trying to ignore what I was feeling (never crossed my mind to leave work - had to get everything organised for the guys looking after my stuff for the next couple of days). Anyhoo, at morning tea the guy of my current dreams is wandering around, busy as a blue arsed blowfly, and he takes some time to come in and sit down with everyone. The thing is he dropped in to tell me he'd returned a book that I'd lent him, and he ended up sitting next to me and we were discussing the lunch everyone was having to celebrate Chinese New Year tomorrow, and what was in the BigW catalogue. It was a teeny weeny conversation, but seeing as we never really get to talk, it made me feel a bit better.

***Have you ever noticed that if you read a book after a guy you're interested in, it smells really really nice. I wish this guy had read the book I'd lent him.***

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Somebuddy said...

Sorry to hear about your grandparent. They are so special. I still miss mine. ((hugs))