Saturday, January 21, 2006

So much to say...

I was walking past a church the other day and there was sign out the front that said 'Faith is a journey, not a destination'. And I thought 'yeah'. Then I walked past another church, about 250m further down, and there was a sign taped to the door that said 'alarm has been activated'. Maybe they have a different kind of faith there.

Dumbness moment #64,028 "Plant is the new black"
I had a discussion the other day at work about the new black.
I was looking through a catologue and they had these bikini's in there. They were brown, but because of the reflection on the paper, it looked like an odd kind of aubergine/eggplant colour. And they had another label there, saying 'the new black' and an arrow pointing to the top.
I could swear the top was brown, but this catologue was telling me it was plant. What the hell colour is called 'plant'? I thought it was short for aubergine/eggplant. Turns out I had misread the catologue label, and the label was bikini pant. No L. Oops.
That discussion went on for about 6 minutes before I realised my mistake.

And finally...

Random thought #164
To dream of a black midget stealing sex toys whilst staying in a hotel, means that indeed, you should have had sex the night before.


Steph said...

Black midgets and sex toys. lol, What were you smokin??

phishez_rule said...

I don't know. I think it was what I WASN'T smoking if you catch my drift

Kezza said...

Hmmm - I reckon I may have had similar abstinence related delusions from time to time, I find the best solution however is to masturbate compulsivley and everything gets better.

Oh fuck - did I just say that out loud?