Sunday, January 08, 2006

Viva le bargain hunting

I decided recently that I needed a new dvd player, based on the fact that my old one was no longer turning on. Seems reasonable to me. I had also decided that an air conditioning unit would be of great advantage this summer.
So yesterday afternoon I went to the Good Guys (retailers who sell electrical appliances, less for cash). I managed to pick up an LG DVD player for $90. My flatmate had bought the exact same model, for cash, two days previously, for $99. I managed top pick up a portable evaporative cooler for $90, down from $99.
I then decided I had enough money left in my wallet to try to pick up an mp3 player. So I went into another store, that had a larger range of mp3 players. Standing at the counter I was talking to the guy, counted my money in front of him, and said that was all I had. He checked how much
he could discount a few different types of mp3 player to. It was $5 more than I had, so he let me put some of the cost on the card. I managed to get a Sony 512MB mp3 palyer (valued at $180), for $140.

The joy of having breasts.


Kezza said...

I have said it before and I'll say it again, boobs make the world go round. Back when I was 15 I would have killed for a set of jugs, all my gal-pals could get into Station One by showing some skin, but I never could. Le sigh. I want cheap electronics too. Not fair, Grumble, moan, complain.

Samuelwilliam said...

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