Friday, December 23, 2005

My Year in Review

Cars Purchased - 1
Jobs worked - 3
Alcohol Units - Oh thousands
Xmas Functions - 4
Months unemployed: 5.5
Months employed: 12 minus previous answer
Months sleeping on the floor: 4 (that’s 1/3 of the year peoples!!!)
Months in a state of blissfully ignorant singleness: 12
Interstate moves: 1
Moves: 3
Cats acquired: 2
Lotto Wins: 4 (all division 5, but not too bad considering I only played three times)
Number of times perved on hot guy at work: Not enough (he was wearing overalls a bit too small for him today and leaning over a trolley… *drools*)
New friends made: Ditto perv answer, but without the stuff in brackets. That would be kinda weird.
Fridges owned: 2
Max vehicles owned at this household at any one time: 7 (for four of us. I only had one vehicle, but I am the only one with a bed :/)
New friends made by passing out in a toilet: 3
Kilo’s lost: not too sure, but approx somewhere between 8 and 10. (YAY!!!)
Lesbian kisses: 0

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Don't people give you the shits

I have had an ongoing battle with one of my housemates.

Getting her to pay a bill on time is impossible. And if a late fee isn't incurred, then it doesn't matter. The fact that the bill is in my name and, up until I began to wait on her to pay her portion of the bill, I had a PERFECT record with the phone company doens't mean anything. Hell, my record was better than perfect. In four years I've only been charged a late fee once (maybe twice), and I usually put my account into credit when paying the bill. Not anymore.

I have also had to fight to get her to clean the litter tray that her cats primarily use. She never wanted to clean it. I had to ask her for about three times solid to scrape the tray in the morning. When she finally did she took out the solids but left the smelly stuff in there. Tally another fight to get her to scrape that up too. And she's been 'forgetting' for about a week solid.

She had a go at me a few weeks ago for not cleaning up after myself (i.e wiping the bench) after I cook. Then she got a full time job. Dishes constantly left on the sink, the benches always dirty. She never does her own washing. Her boyfriend does it, and just leaves it in the machine for the nest person who does washing to stick in the dryer. Which I have stopped doing. I just put it back on top of the pile (read mountain) that's constantly in the laundry. The very small, communal laundry. Where we also keep the litter tray that never gets cleaned.

Then there was the cat hair. Four cats (one longhaired, hers, naturally) create ALOT of hair. So I asked her if she could vacuum the floors once during the week, I'd do it once, and it would still remain a weekend task. The first two weeks I was the only one who did it. Then she chooses to tell me that she'd rather do it on the weekend. So I arranged for the person who would do the floors on the weekend to do them on a Tuesday instead. I'd still do the floors on a Thursday. She's done it once. Bitching and complaining the whole time. That was two weeks ago. I've reminded her, and asked her several times this week about doing the floors. They're not done. Next weekend, when we have our big house inspection clean, I'm not cleaning anything. In the week preceeding this I vacuumed twice, scrubbed the bathroom top to bottom, and cleaned the kitchen.

And to cap it all off we got a notice today to say that we're two weeks behind in our rent. Two of us in the house are paid up until NEXT friday. Guess who's behind? When I handed her the letter she poo-poohed it and said it was nothing. So when she goes to give me the money so that I can pay it for her, guess who's going to tell her to shove it?

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas has come early.

I went shopping today after work. Just routine shopping, nothing special. I unpacked my trolley, pushed it out of the way and drove home. Like I said. Nothing special. When I got home I unpacked my shopping and realised I had missed two items. I normally would say bugger it, but I know I'm going to want vegemite toast for brekkie tomorrow, so decided to go pick some up.

Can't find my bag. Christ! Its got my mobile in it. Where the fuck is my bag? Go out to the car, ringing my mobile. Nothing. CRAP!!! Its not in the house, and its not in the car. I havent been anywhere else. I call the shopping centre management. Has a bag been handed in? No. Uh-oh. I decide to head back there to ask at the shops I've been at today. I walk in the door and decide to ask at the front counter of coles. I used one of their shopping trolleys, maybe its turned up in that. *Holds breath*

The woman there doesnt understand english all that well. Shit. I see the guy who collects the trolleys. I ask him. It takes a while, but eventually he understands what I'm saying. He makes some vague gesture and wanders off. *Starts pulling out hair* Where the fuck is my handbag? I walk up to the cashier opposite the trolley bay. Hes she seen anything? No. I turn around and see the trolley return man walking in, waving a black bag at me. I could have cried from the relief. I check the contents of my bag. There's my phone, and my wallet. Complete with all of my cards, and the $50 note that I'd just gotten out of the bank.

How's that for lucky?

I even went up to the centre management to tell them I got my bag back. They were hopeful over the phone, but she even said that everybody in the office agreed it wouldn't show up.

Christmas has come early.

Friday, December 09, 2005

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it

One of my solitaire games on my compy has a feature where it pops up with a quote after you sort out the deck. The tag line for this blog was a quote that popped up the other night. And it got me thinking.
I remember when I was a student, and I never really had time off. Sure it’s a pretty laid back lifestyle, but there’s always a looming stress with the next assignment, or the fact that, yes, right now I am bludging, but its going to catch up with me in a few days. There was little total relaxation from your chosen life.
But right now I’m sitting here in my new satin jammies (haven’t had new jammies in ages, one perk of making your own wage), drinking a glass of iced water (students save their ice strictly for alcohol), and listening to soft music and cicadas outside. I’ve just baked a whole crapload of bikkies and slice for tomorrows morning tea, and done all the cleaning. Its nice to be able to sit back and relax. Really relax like this.
And when I get to work tomorrow it’ll be busy, and stressful. My boss is leaving, and one of the guys who trained me is retiring. I’m taking over one of his areas, and he gave me a quick 20 minute run down on all that needs to be done. So next week is full of uncertainties, short-staffed-ness, new responsibilities and tasks, and lots of learning.But so long as I can come home and walk barefoot through the grass in the sun, or sit on the back verandah with a few drinks and watch the storm, all will be fine.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

The 'I'm young and and I don't value my liver' thing

Im sitting here with crap on my face. Not literally. Figuratively. I'm doing a peeling mask. I makes me look/feel kinda like I've had botox. I cannot move my face. It even feels wierd to trun my head. I wonder if I might be ahead of the fashion here. Botox is cool, and shiny lips are cool, so why not go that one step further and introduce the shiny immobile face? So maybe its not going to be 'the look' at the moment, but maybe...

I've got a work do to go to tonight. And I want to get ready about an hour before I leave. Unfortuantely the hour is taking forever to get here. So I've decided to do the aforementioned thing and start drinking early. The only thing is I'm having some difficulty moving my lips.

There are drawbacks to having a shiny immobile face.