Saturday, December 03, 2005

The 'I'm young and and I don't value my liver' thing

Im sitting here with crap on my face. Not literally. Figuratively. I'm doing a peeling mask. I makes me look/feel kinda like I've had botox. I cannot move my face. It even feels wierd to trun my head. I wonder if I might be ahead of the fashion here. Botox is cool, and shiny lips are cool, so why not go that one step further and introduce the shiny immobile face? So maybe its not going to be 'the look' at the moment, but maybe...

I've got a work do to go to tonight. And I want to get ready about an hour before I leave. Unfortuantely the hour is taking forever to get here. So I've decided to do the aforementioned thing and start drinking early. The only thing is I'm having some difficulty moving my lips.

There are drawbacks to having a shiny immobile face.

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