Tuesday, November 22, 2005

When I moved from Victoria to Queensland after high school, I had a going away party. I wasn't going to be returning to Victoria for any length of time for at least three years. Turns out its been pretty much permenant, and looks to be staying that way.
It wasnt a big party, but still only four people showed. I felt like crap.
Im hosting a sales party at my place this coming Saturday. I dont know many people outside of work. But I've invited pretty much everybody I have gotten to know since I started. Even though I've gotten a few yes's, I still can't shake the feeling that everybody is going to forget and nobody will show. Or worse. One very kind soul will show and feel sorry for me.


phishez_rule said...

Well IT happened. Nobody is going to come. I have cancelled said gathering. I think I'm going to spend the night getting drunk with my arious personalities and talking to nobody on the internet.

Jana_no1 said...

HAD I BEEN INVITED(!!!!) I would have come!!!!

phishez_rule said...

Well i would have invited you, but the amount of money you would have spent on airfares would have left you unable to afford to buy a biscuit.