Thursday, November 17, 2005

Next post please...

I have had the WEIRDEST week this week. On Monday I had the biggest urge to randomly stick my hands into their corresponding armpits, bend my knees a bit, so I was kinda hunched, wave my elbows in the air, and kick my legs around. I have no idea what caused this. I only refrained from doing this because I imagined the looks my co-workers would give me, and I didnt want them calling the men in white coats.

Yesterday felt like one huge caffeine rush. So did today when I came to it. Except today I had another random urge. I wanted to wave my arms in the air and bellow 'ROUND the world and home again, THATS the sailors way', while at the same time waltzing like Matilda. I think I'm sleep deprived.


Somebuddy said...

The chicken dance! Go for it! Great stress relievers.

Lexeh said...


Oh Steph! Next time you have randome urges please just release them... you can't leave me to be the only random person! *giggles* You were always lovely and random in Gatton, what is stoping you now!

Luv Lex