Saturday, November 05, 2005

Why does everything go wrong at once?

My fridge crapped itself last night. And I dont mean a little bitty hiccup. I mean it's lost its life force. I've only had it for three months and one week, on a three month warranty. Makes you want to hurt somebody huh?
But its all on top of a stressful week. After 3 months sleeping on the floor, I have finally purchased a bedroom package (on credit mind you, more financial woes for me). I was told when I ordered it that the bed wasn't currently in stock and had already been ordered, expected in early this week. I heard nothing from them on Monday, so I called. No bed, would most likely be in on Tuesday. So I decided to wait. I get a call Thursday. No bed. Would be in next week.
I was really excited. But all this putting off of the delivery is stressing me out about the credit. Its a GE credit card, with 26% interest. OUCH!
On Tuesday the head of my area handed in this resignation. He has a chance to do work thats closer to his heart, more hands on with animals, and less administrative work and political wrangling. Good on him I say, but its still going to be a big change for us. My direct superviser is worried. He's been through administrative changes before. So we don't know what we're going to get. Is it going to be somebody as laid back as our boss, who's going to let us sit in the tea room for 10 minutes after morning tea without getting on our cases? Or is it going to be somebody who insists we work righ up until 10:30, and we use our breaks to wash our hands and clean up. Cuz, seriously, thats going to take at least 1/4 of our break. More if we all do it at the same sink. And is he going to be 'cracking the whip' on our supervisers to do the same to us. Its stressful all round.
And there have been issues with sick animals too. I keep finding that my charges are unwell. It could be an oddly fluffed coat, or scours, or a decreased food intake. Sick animals are a fact of life at work, but it doesn't make sense that these ones aren't doing so well. They should be fine. Its not my fault, but at the same time its very disconcerting, because I'm half expecting to turn around and find a sick or, God forbid, dead animal. Its difficult to relax when its like that.
I hate being lonely.

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phishez_rule said...

I have a fridge. Bought on credit. *SIGH*