Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The definition of ironic is...

People aplogising after they swear in front of me. One of these days I'm going to pick my moment and respond with 'Why do people always do that? Its so fucking iritating!' Just to see the expressions on their faces.
That is all.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Blue at my house tonight

I put the dishes out. They were used at a bbq of my housemates 2 weeks ago, cleaned by his guests, and then left there... sitting in my cockroachey kitchen since then. I have asked him to clean them, and waited, and asked, and waited, and given reasons, and waited... Get the picture? Then he's had dirty pots on the sink for 3 nights, and the roaches are just loving it. I figure there's nothing outside that will run over them thats worse than what will run over them inside. I didn't think that he'd do them, and I wasn't going to look at them any longer. I also figure that he's going to be really unhappy about it. But I could care less. No, wait. I couldn't. Ah well. So anybody think I've done this the wrong way?
Oh my God my cat just jumped into a window! Not just jumped. She was sitting there and then she just kinda bounded into the glass. I know she was trying to get her reflection to play, but it was as funny as hell.
Enough from me tonight.
Actually not quite. I just got the news that one of my best friends got into Law, starting next semester. I knew he could do it. With enough course changes he'd get there eventually. Congratulations Leigh!!!
Now thats enough.

Monday, June 27, 2005

So not much has happened of note lately. But I thought I should post anyway. Just to let people know that I am alive. Rachel came down yesterday. Drove down in my car. Made it to Sydney... and got lost. And while she's lost the car stops. Just like that. Broom broom click... stop. Going uphill on a one way street somewhere in south Sydney. Crap. So about 3.15 I get a phone call 'Steeeeph... the car's stopped and I can't get it to start again... and I'm lost.' Cuh-rap. So I find a sydways and manage to locate where she is, and even give her directions to where she's gotta go. I feel so proud of myself.
Later on I get a call 'I'm on the M4 Motorway and I'm heading to Parramatta.... Didn't you say not to get on the M4? Can you give me directions?' So I stepped up to the plate, picked up the bat, swung and... HIT!!!! Directed her here. Im so proud of myself.
So now my cat and Tuesday are down here with me. I actually surprised myself with how much I missed Tues. I was so happy to see her. I've been spoiling her rotten.
Not much else to report. Had today off. Did shit all. Looking forward to work tomorrow. Sad but true. I still remember what its like to have nothing to do all day too well. *shudder*

Sunday, June 19, 2005

My first sydney friend... is a crook

Makes me feel great right now. I found out yesterday that the 'Uncle' Mick that I referred to in previous posts is a con man. He bought a car, paid for it with a dodgy cheque that bounced. Two days later he sells it for $35000 and does a runner. Apparently the owners of the car yard he bought the car from are pretty damn pissed (understandably) and have been at the boarding house with the police a couple of times over the last week. They've been to where he said he works, but they haven't heard of him.
Normally I'd be pretty shocked at this but when Vince told me about it he also mentioned that most people at the boarding house seem to think that he's my dad. So all of the friends I've made in Sydney think that I was in on it, and I haven't heard of anybody who wants to stay in touch. So I'm sorta back to square one. Just moved to Sydney, and have no friends, no social outlet apart from work. It can only get better from here.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Its never easy and you never know

Its never easy and you never know what leaves you crying and what makes you whole. There aint no way that I can hold it down. Falling to pieces for ever and now.
But it's all right, why don't you tell me again how you'll still be there when the heartache ends. Well it's all right why don't you tell me my friend, how you'll still be there when the heartache ends.
There ain't nobody who can show you how to find the surface when you're underground. There ain't no blanket that can hide this cold. There ain't no memory that ever gets old.
But it's all right, why don't you tell me again how you'll still be there when the heartache ends. Well it's all right why don't you tell me my friend, how you'll still be there when the heartache ends.
But I move all directions to the corners and the outskirts while the lovers and the lonely start to whisper all about me, and if I stand here silent I almost start to feel you fading in, telling me 'hold on'.
Cus its gonna be all right, why don't you tell me again how you'll still be there when the heartache ends. Well it's all right why don't you tell me my friend, how you'll still be there when the heartache ends. How you'll still be there when the heartache ends. Say you'll still be there when the heartache ends.

Its amazing. My life has been going perfectly for the last three weeks, and one teeny tiny thing has just thrown me into a tailspin. All cinema's are showing previews of Madagascar this weekend. And I really wanted to see it. So on Saturday I got dropped at Westfield Parramatta to do some shopping and movie watching. "Parramatta Westfield is being renovated and our cinema's are currenly closed while we expand them" or some shit like that. So I went shopping and scored an absolute bargain that I was going to have to buy anyway. QS fitted sheet set and a QS feather doona, $90. The sheets alone normally retail for $100. Good quality sheets t0, and the doona's pretty warm.
So this morning I scour the yellow pages to find the next closest cinema. Its in Blacktown. I call the number and yes - Madagascar is playing. I pull on my shoes, grab my bag and start walking. I get to the shopping centre only to find its crowded as fuck - which immediately makes me want to punch somebody. Then I find out the cinema is closed for renovations. GAAAHHH!!!! So I'm walking around this crowded shopping centre with no money and a grumpy attitude, when I decide I want to get the phone connected because I want to call my uni friends tonight. Only there's no telstra shop in the centre, and I can't call up because the call centre isn't operating on a sunday. So to the brokeness and grumpiness, add frustration, lonliness and homesickness.
You know you're broke when you're feeling like that and you can't afford chocolate or cheesecake.

Mmm Sleep... (08.05.06)

I am so fucking tired right now. I should count myself lucky. I've only been on the go since 7 am (12hrs ago). Apart from morning tea and lunch (50 mins total) I feel like I've been doing something all day. Well, I have. I;m just glad I 'cleaned' the house earlier this week. I don't think I'd be too happy scrubbing the bathroom floor right now. When I moved in the place hadn't been cleaned in 6 months. There were dishes on the sink that had been there for 4 months. They'd been left so long that a spider had made it home in one of the pots. So I cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom with bleach on monday night. By the time I'd finished it was time for bed. Last night I tackled the toilet and bathroom, and did my washing. I'm going to make sure this place is thoroughly cleaned on the weekend, then it's pretty much a case of keeping it tidy with a weekly blitz. (fingers crossed)
Its weird to think that two weeks ago I was in Queensland. So much has happened since then. And so much is going to happen for others within the next 2 weeks. Like exams, graduations, some people moving - internationally, and all of the unplanned stuff nobody's going to tell me about.
Mindboggling how quickly things change.
Squishily yours


I can't help but grin right now. I moved today, again, to the place I was telling you about. I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy. I was only at the boarding house for a week but I've got quite a few good friends from there, and I'm going to stay in touch with them.
RE: the 'admirers'. Just yesterday I was thinking that Bob wqas yanking my chain about them, and making them out to be more interested in me than they were. I thought that maybe these guys just admored the guts to move interstate with nothing more solid than 'you have a job'. I mean if this doesn't work out I'm up shit creek. But no, this morning as I was leaving I dropped in to say goodbye to Bob. He's playing cards with these two guys and they tell me straight out that its them. I was stunned. I mean I can't tell a guy I like him even if I'm 100+% sure he seriously likes me too!
One of these guys reminds me of an ex, but older and much less wanker-ish. So going by precedent thats good for him. He wants to meet Tuesday (my rat). He's had ferrets in the past, and I like ferrets. I'd like to play with his ferret.
The other guyI don't know much about, well nothing actually, not even his name. He really does have the whole mysterious man thing going. Which I definitely like. And when I gave him a goodbye hug his body was as hard as a rock! He probably wouldn't have said anything if the first guy didn't dump him in it. And he rolled really well with it, which I respect.
So we've arranged to meet up sometime.
Should be fun
Lots of love. Steph

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Thorin and Company to Burglar Bilbo greeting! (03.06.05)

I'm moving again. This time to a place thats a little more permenant than this box. I had a look at this place last night and I found out today that I got it. The guy is even fine about Rai and Tuesday. SoYAY for me.
Anyway this place is big. I walked into it yesterday and just went 'wow'. Seriously, if I had had the money, and was looking to buy a place, and this one was available, I'd have my heart set on it. Its got hardwood floors and ceilings, rafters, a huge bathroom, nice sized (furnished) bedrooms, a backyard, with real grass. I don't have to bring in anything to the place. Makes me wonder how much of my luck I've used up in my move to Sydney. Might push it a bit further and buy a lotto ticket. $25M tomorrow. I'll have to get pictures. I want to use up the film so that I can put up pictures of uni firendand old workmates on myworklocker. I'm finally getting settled. Now that I've got this side of the public transport figured out I've got to learn a whole new bloody set!!!!
There's this one person at work. When I met here I knew we'd get along famously or I'd absolutely hate her. She drives me up the fucking wall. She explains everything to me like I've never even seen an animal before in my life. She explained to me that autoclave water was hot. Well DUH!!!! There's some other stuff that I'm not sure abolut andwhen Iask she explains it to me likke I'm a fucking imbecile. Unfortunately she's the one who's training me.
I've got to go. Having drinkswith 'Uncle' Mick andthe Grandpa Club. Hopefully will post this tomorrow. Looking forward to net access. Get to contact my friends!

Panda Eyes, Arse Crack, and Sex Dreams (01.06.05)

So you may have picked up that this whole trip hasbeen a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. One day = 'YAY! I have a job and I'm excited' and the next = 'What am I doing here? I should not have left behind everything and everybody I know.' Well today was that multiplied by about 5. Now I'm emotionally drained, want to curl up in a ball, cry and sleep. I had a pretty good day at work. even managed to find 3 minutes (literally) to jump on the net and send a quick email to friends telling them I'm alive, and I miss them (well, I do). I caught the train to Parra... and then got lost again. I couldn't find the right place to catch the right bus. There are three main bus interchanges within 150m, but around corners and not in sight of each other. So while I'm trying to figure out what to do Sue calls. I told her I was lost and she burst out laughing, at which point I almost burst into tears. Getting lost was funny to begin with, and I'm sure I'll laugh in the future, but right not it's just giving me the shits. Doesn't help that the transport system here is a goddamned joke. Trains run early or late, NEVER on time, they miss stops, they make stops, I've even heard that they can be rerouted when there are passengers on board. Fucking terrible.
I do have to grin at my uniform though. The pants are snug and ridea bit low, and the top is really long and loose. Its a good combination because every time I bendover it would leave the world on the wrong side of my pant cleavage. Its worse than plumbers crack. They go that low that everytime I standup I have to keep one hand on my pants for fear thatI'd lose them. Good thing the tops long cuz if itdid happen it would cover all ofmy sins.
I had the weirdest dream last night. It was a sex dream about a friend a uni, but I've never dreamt of him before and I definitely haven't been thinkingof him since I got here. Anyway it started as a sex dream but we ended updating. All of my friends had seen it coming, except for one, and he wouldn't beleive me until he saw us together. Then he'd stop me from going to my 'boyfriend' and distract me with stuff like 'look at this, lets go over here'. The weird thing is that in my last sex dream (about an ex) he did pretty much the same thing. I don't want to be with either of these guys. One of them (my ex) I've spent too much time with, and the uni guy, whilst we're good friends, I could know him alot better. I think I need to talk to someone who understands male issues and me. Kez I look forward to your comments.
Lots of hugs and love

I work with the bunnies (31.05.05)

I had a great day today. My first official day as an animal attendant. Yay! After getting lost again I only ended up being 5 minutes late. Not bad. I asked this young businessman for directions, and we walked 3 blocks together chatting. Who says all Sydney people are bastards.
Anyhoo. I'm working with the small animals and they're thinking of putting me in charge of one of the breeding rooms. How ironic. (*I bred mice for 6 years when I was growing up*) The coolest thing at the moment is that they don't have any overalls in stock to fit me (that's more embarrasing than cool. Read on) so I get to wear surgical scrubs until they get some in my size. I'm going to take a camera to work tomorrow so I can get a picture. I might post it when I get it developed.
Considering I've only been here 3 days I'm doing pretty well. I'm learning my way around public transport, I have great workmates, I'll meet heaps of people through work, and I already have some good friends where I'm living. Bring it on Sydney.


I wonder how many more times I'm going to get lost before I end up knowing the Sydney public transport system. I hope it's not too many more times. I got to the hospital no problems today. Had my tour of the facility, navigated my way out to the bus stop, got on the right bus, and missed my fucking stop. GAAAHH!!! I should be right tomorrow though. At least now I know (generally) how to get to work, how to get to the nearest shopping centre, and how to get home. Now all I have to do is find apermenant place to stay!
The tour of work was pretty interesting. I wouldn't mindworking in the small animal house, with the rodents, but I think I'd really like the large animal house (sheep, pigs, chooks, dogs). They've got 'paddocks'. I'm desperately hoping this will work out. I couldn't afford to go back to Queensland, and I don't think I could stay here with nothing to do. I really want to talk to some QLD friends but I need to save my money. Maybe when I'm settled I could make a call and talk to them. 'Maybe when I'm settled' seems to bemy whole life right now. I'd kill for a drink.

'If wishes were horses
I'd ride mine to the clouds
Leave them grazing there
Happy and free'

"Utility" (29.05.05)

It seems I'm destined to make a home out of each state. I'd like to go back to Queensland, but I think if I had to move again it would be to Tasmania, at least for a bit. I mean sure, its cold, and has a limited genetic variability, but the landscape is so beautiful, plus there's the Cadbury factory.
But back to the present - I went for a walk today, to try to time how long a walk to work would take. Most of my friends should know I'm directionally challenged. I got lost. Well, not lost, I was going in the right direxction, I just didn't go far enough. So on the walk back I started exploring the next suburb over. And then I had to walk back. Fucking Sydney hills are going to make my arse look great!
*04.06.05 I was lost. In the totally wrong suburb*
The definition of 'Hard Up'. I live with about 20 guys and I'm the only chick. I've been here about 24 hours - already have 2 'admirers'. Bit freaked out- usually takes a few days at least.
This is Steph. Signing out with a kiss. Miss you Gatton.

Your Life Starts Now... (28.05.05)

So I know I'm writing this to post later.Its now Saturday 28.05.05. I'm sitting in a cold empty room, watching Australia's Funniest Home Videos's. I remember when that show was actually funny. So sad.
Leaving my friends was easier than I thought, but at the same time so much harder. I walked on campus wanting to drop off my car and catch my lift to the airport. Not going to happen. They all came out and stood on the balcony at uni, waving, as we drove off. I was fine until I realised that this would probably be the last time I'd see some of these sights. Then the tears started to flow. I'm not sure I was quite ready to leave one of my friends. We're pretty close, but our goodbye was so typical of our relationship. It makes me feel like I'm missing out on something when I remember it, but its also a comfort, because I know that some things will never change. We'll always be goodfriends, and be able to pick up where we left off, wether its in 3 months or 3 years.
On a lighter note: Picture this - Me with a large blue wheelie suitcase, with a very full medium sized blue bag on top of it, and a black satchel over one shoulder, booting a very large box from the baggage carousel to the other side of the room. (Step, boot, step, boot, step...)
Sleep tight Sydney - you've yet to realise I've arrived.