Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Blue at my house tonight

I put the dishes out. They were used at a bbq of my housemates 2 weeks ago, cleaned by his guests, and then left there... sitting in my cockroachey kitchen since then. I have asked him to clean them, and waited, and asked, and waited, and given reasons, and waited... Get the picture? Then he's had dirty pots on the sink for 3 nights, and the roaches are just loving it. I figure there's nothing outside that will run over them thats worse than what will run over them inside. I didn't think that he'd do them, and I wasn't going to look at them any longer. I also figure that he's going to be really unhappy about it. But I could care less. No, wait. I couldn't. Ah well. So anybody think I've done this the wrong way?
Oh my God my cat just jumped into a window! Not just jumped. She was sitting there and then she just kinda bounded into the glass. I know she was trying to get her reflection to play, but it was as funny as hell.
Enough from me tonight.
Actually not quite. I just got the news that one of my best friends got into Law, starting next semester. I knew he could do it. With enough course changes he'd get there eventually. Congratulations Leigh!!!
Now thats enough.

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