Saturday, June 04, 2005


I wonder how many more times I'm going to get lost before I end up knowing the Sydney public transport system. I hope it's not too many more times. I got to the hospital no problems today. Had my tour of the facility, navigated my way out to the bus stop, got on the right bus, and missed my fucking stop. GAAAHH!!! I should be right tomorrow though. At least now I know (generally) how to get to work, how to get to the nearest shopping centre, and how to get home. Now all I have to do is find apermenant place to stay!
The tour of work was pretty interesting. I wouldn't mindworking in the small animal house, with the rodents, but I think I'd really like the large animal house (sheep, pigs, chooks, dogs). They've got 'paddocks'. I'm desperately hoping this will work out. I couldn't afford to go back to Queensland, and I don't think I could stay here with nothing to do. I really want to talk to some QLD friends but I need to save my money. Maybe when I'm settled I could make a call and talk to them. 'Maybe when I'm settled' seems to bemy whole life right now. I'd kill for a drink.

'If wishes were horses
I'd ride mine to the clouds
Leave them grazing there
Happy and free'

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