Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Mmm Sleep... (08.05.06)

I am so fucking tired right now. I should count myself lucky. I've only been on the go since 7 am (12hrs ago). Apart from morning tea and lunch (50 mins total) I feel like I've been doing something all day. Well, I have. I;m just glad I 'cleaned' the house earlier this week. I don't think I'd be too happy scrubbing the bathroom floor right now. When I moved in the place hadn't been cleaned in 6 months. There were dishes on the sink that had been there for 4 months. They'd been left so long that a spider had made it home in one of the pots. So I cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom with bleach on monday night. By the time I'd finished it was time for bed. Last night I tackled the toilet and bathroom, and did my washing. I'm going to make sure this place is thoroughly cleaned on the weekend, then it's pretty much a case of keeping it tidy with a weekly blitz. (fingers crossed)
Its weird to think that two weeks ago I was in Queensland. So much has happened since then. And so much is going to happen for others within the next 2 weeks. Like exams, graduations, some people moving - internationally, and all of the unplanned stuff nobody's going to tell me about.
Mindboggling how quickly things change.
Squishily yours

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