Saturday, June 04, 2005

Thorin and Company to Burglar Bilbo greeting! (03.06.05)

I'm moving again. This time to a place thats a little more permenant than this box. I had a look at this place last night and I found out today that I got it. The guy is even fine about Rai and Tuesday. SoYAY for me.
Anyway this place is big. I walked into it yesterday and just went 'wow'. Seriously, if I had had the money, and was looking to buy a place, and this one was available, I'd have my heart set on it. Its got hardwood floors and ceilings, rafters, a huge bathroom, nice sized (furnished) bedrooms, a backyard, with real grass. I don't have to bring in anything to the place. Makes me wonder how much of my luck I've used up in my move to Sydney. Might push it a bit further and buy a lotto ticket. $25M tomorrow. I'll have to get pictures. I want to use up the film so that I can put up pictures of uni firendand old workmates on myworklocker. I'm finally getting settled. Now that I've got this side of the public transport figured out I've got to learn a whole new bloody set!!!!
There's this one person at work. When I met here I knew we'd get along famously or I'd absolutely hate her. She drives me up the fucking wall. She explains everything to me like I've never even seen an animal before in my life. She explained to me that autoclave water was hot. Well DUH!!!! There's some other stuff that I'm not sure abolut andwhen Iask she explains it to me likke I'm a fucking imbecile. Unfortunately she's the one who's training me.
I've got to go. Having drinkswith 'Uncle' Mick andthe Grandpa Club. Hopefully will post this tomorrow. Looking forward to net access. Get to contact my friends!

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