Saturday, June 04, 2005

I work with the bunnies (31.05.05)

I had a great day today. My first official day as an animal attendant. Yay! After getting lost again I only ended up being 5 minutes late. Not bad. I asked this young businessman for directions, and we walked 3 blocks together chatting. Who says all Sydney people are bastards.
Anyhoo. I'm working with the small animals and they're thinking of putting me in charge of one of the breeding rooms. How ironic. (*I bred mice for 6 years when I was growing up*) The coolest thing at the moment is that they don't have any overalls in stock to fit me (that's more embarrasing than cool. Read on) so I get to wear surgical scrubs until they get some in my size. I'm going to take a camera to work tomorrow so I can get a picture. I might post it when I get it developed.
Considering I've only been here 3 days I'm doing pretty well. I'm learning my way around public transport, I have great workmates, I'll meet heaps of people through work, and I already have some good friends where I'm living. Bring it on Sydney.

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