Sunday, June 19, 2005

My first sydney friend... is a crook

Makes me feel great right now. I found out yesterday that the 'Uncle' Mick that I referred to in previous posts is a con man. He bought a car, paid for it with a dodgy cheque that bounced. Two days later he sells it for $35000 and does a runner. Apparently the owners of the car yard he bought the car from are pretty damn pissed (understandably) and have been at the boarding house with the police a couple of times over the last week. They've been to where he said he works, but they haven't heard of him.
Normally I'd be pretty shocked at this but when Vince told me about it he also mentioned that most people at the boarding house seem to think that he's my dad. So all of the friends I've made in Sydney think that I was in on it, and I haven't heard of anybody who wants to stay in touch. So I'm sorta back to square one. Just moved to Sydney, and have no friends, no social outlet apart from work. It can only get better from here.

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