Saturday, June 04, 2005

"Utility" (29.05.05)

It seems I'm destined to make a home out of each state. I'd like to go back to Queensland, but I think if I had to move again it would be to Tasmania, at least for a bit. I mean sure, its cold, and has a limited genetic variability, but the landscape is so beautiful, plus there's the Cadbury factory.
But back to the present - I went for a walk today, to try to time how long a walk to work would take. Most of my friends should know I'm directionally challenged. I got lost. Well, not lost, I was going in the right direxction, I just didn't go far enough. So on the walk back I started exploring the next suburb over. And then I had to walk back. Fucking Sydney hills are going to make my arse look great!
*04.06.05 I was lost. In the totally wrong suburb*
The definition of 'Hard Up'. I live with about 20 guys and I'm the only chick. I've been here about 24 hours - already have 2 'admirers'. Bit freaked out- usually takes a few days at least.
This is Steph. Signing out with a kiss. Miss you Gatton.

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