Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I can't help but grin right now. I moved today, again, to the place I was telling you about. I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy. I was only at the boarding house for a week but I've got quite a few good friends from there, and I'm going to stay in touch with them.
RE: the 'admirers'. Just yesterday I was thinking that Bob wqas yanking my chain about them, and making them out to be more interested in me than they were. I thought that maybe these guys just admored the guts to move interstate with nothing more solid than 'you have a job'. I mean if this doesn't work out I'm up shit creek. But no, this morning as I was leaving I dropped in to say goodbye to Bob. He's playing cards with these two guys and they tell me straight out that its them. I was stunned. I mean I can't tell a guy I like him even if I'm 100+% sure he seriously likes me too!
One of these guys reminds me of an ex, but older and much less wanker-ish. So going by precedent thats good for him. He wants to meet Tuesday (my rat). He's had ferrets in the past, and I like ferrets. I'd like to play with his ferret.
The other guyI don't know much about, well nothing actually, not even his name. He really does have the whole mysterious man thing going. Which I definitely like. And when I gave him a goodbye hug his body was as hard as a rock! He probably wouldn't have said anything if the first guy didn't dump him in it. And he rolled really well with it, which I respect.
So we've arranged to meet up sometime.
Should be fun
Lots of love. Steph

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Jana_no1 said...

Just Posting this to let you know I love you, and that I do read your blogs. It lets me know how things are going with you, (even when I can't afford to call). Keep us posted as to how things go with this guy. Will catch you in a few weeks.

Love Ya.