Monday, June 27, 2005

So not much has happened of note lately. But I thought I should post anyway. Just to let people know that I am alive. Rachel came down yesterday. Drove down in my car. Made it to Sydney... and got lost. And while she's lost the car stops. Just like that. Broom broom click... stop. Going uphill on a one way street somewhere in south Sydney. Crap. So about 3.15 I get a phone call 'Steeeeph... the car's stopped and I can't get it to start again... and I'm lost.' Cuh-rap. So I find a sydways and manage to locate where she is, and even give her directions to where she's gotta go. I feel so proud of myself.
Later on I get a call 'I'm on the M4 Motorway and I'm heading to Parramatta.... Didn't you say not to get on the M4? Can you give me directions?' So I stepped up to the plate, picked up the bat, swung and... HIT!!!! Directed her here. Im so proud of myself.
So now my cat and Tuesday are down here with me. I actually surprised myself with how much I missed Tues. I was so happy to see her. I've been spoiling her rotten.
Not much else to report. Had today off. Did shit all. Looking forward to work tomorrow. Sad but true. I still remember what its like to have nothing to do all day too well. *shudder*

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