Friday, December 09, 2005

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it

One of my solitaire games on my compy has a feature where it pops up with a quote after you sort out the deck. The tag line for this blog was a quote that popped up the other night. And it got me thinking.
I remember when I was a student, and I never really had time off. Sure it’s a pretty laid back lifestyle, but there’s always a looming stress with the next assignment, or the fact that, yes, right now I am bludging, but its going to catch up with me in a few days. There was little total relaxation from your chosen life.
But right now I’m sitting here in my new satin jammies (haven’t had new jammies in ages, one perk of making your own wage), drinking a glass of iced water (students save their ice strictly for alcohol), and listening to soft music and cicadas outside. I’ve just baked a whole crapload of bikkies and slice for tomorrows morning tea, and done all the cleaning. Its nice to be able to sit back and relax. Really relax like this.
And when I get to work tomorrow it’ll be busy, and stressful. My boss is leaving, and one of the guys who trained me is retiring. I’m taking over one of his areas, and he gave me a quick 20 minute run down on all that needs to be done. So next week is full of uncertainties, short-staffed-ness, new responsibilities and tasks, and lots of learning.But so long as I can come home and walk barefoot through the grass in the sun, or sit on the back verandah with a few drinks and watch the storm, all will be fine.

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