Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas has come early.

I went shopping today after work. Just routine shopping, nothing special. I unpacked my trolley, pushed it out of the way and drove home. Like I said. Nothing special. When I got home I unpacked my shopping and realised I had missed two items. I normally would say bugger it, but I know I'm going to want vegemite toast for brekkie tomorrow, so decided to go pick some up.

Can't find my bag. Christ! Its got my mobile in it. Where the fuck is my bag? Go out to the car, ringing my mobile. Nothing. CRAP!!! Its not in the house, and its not in the car. I havent been anywhere else. I call the shopping centre management. Has a bag been handed in? No. Uh-oh. I decide to head back there to ask at the shops I've been at today. I walk in the door and decide to ask at the front counter of coles. I used one of their shopping trolleys, maybe its turned up in that. *Holds breath*

The woman there doesnt understand english all that well. Shit. I see the guy who collects the trolleys. I ask him. It takes a while, but eventually he understands what I'm saying. He makes some vague gesture and wanders off. *Starts pulling out hair* Where the fuck is my handbag? I walk up to the cashier opposite the trolley bay. Hes she seen anything? No. I turn around and see the trolley return man walking in, waving a black bag at me. I could have cried from the relief. I check the contents of my bag. There's my phone, and my wallet. Complete with all of my cards, and the $50 note that I'd just gotten out of the bank.

How's that for lucky?

I even went up to the centre management to tell them I got my bag back. They were hopeful over the phone, but she even said that everybody in the office agreed it wouldn't show up.

Christmas has come early.

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