Friday, December 23, 2005

My Year in Review

Cars Purchased - 1
Jobs worked - 3
Alcohol Units - Oh thousands
Xmas Functions - 4
Months unemployed: 5.5
Months employed: 12 minus previous answer
Months sleeping on the floor: 4 (that’s 1/3 of the year peoples!!!)
Months in a state of blissfully ignorant singleness: 12
Interstate moves: 1
Moves: 3
Cats acquired: 2
Lotto Wins: 4 (all division 5, but not too bad considering I only played three times)
Number of times perved on hot guy at work: Not enough (he was wearing overalls a bit too small for him today and leaning over a trolley… *drools*)
New friends made: Ditto perv answer, but without the stuff in brackets. That would be kinda weird.
Fridges owned: 2
Max vehicles owned at this household at any one time: 7 (for four of us. I only had one vehicle, but I am the only one with a bed :/)
New friends made by passing out in a toilet: 3
Kilo’s lost: not too sure, but approx somewhere between 8 and 10. (YAY!!!)
Lesbian kisses: 0

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phishez_rule said...

I should correct one thing in there. I owned four fridges this year. I forgot about the bar fridge I had from uni, and there was also a bar fridge I acquired that night.