Friday, October 01, 2010


So. Its no secret I've gained weight. I worked so hard to lose it, and have gained a buttload back. originally my first priority was to deal with my depression, but that's dealt with. So I feel like I can focus on my weight loss again.

This week I made a resolution. I decided no chocolate for a week. And I did exceptionally well. Wed and thurs I had a slip up, a total of 20 chocolate bullets. Not too bad I think. And today, after the resolution had ended... No chocolate at all. Little resolutions work. So, I resolve the following.

I will train at least there times a week. If, for some reason, I cannot do three times a week, I will do FOUR times a week the next week to maker up for it.

I will have 4 morning teas at work that consist of yoghurt and berries, ricotta cookie, or museli slice. I can have a cafe coffee if I need one, but preference for premium instant. I get one free morning tea a month.

Visits to the ice creamery near work... Limited to once a month.

I will have at least one lunch our diner per day that is low carb.

No chocolate at home, but no stressing about if I have it at work either.

Eat outs are to be one per week. Two at the utter max. This is more for financial reasons, but works here too.


Cazzie!!! said...

Hey there girl checking in to see how you are. I have been so busy with work and family and a 15 year wedding anniversary that I haven't checked in here for a while.
All those yummy foods you are typing away here... yumm... I have put on weight over Winter too. I just resolved with myself that I would eat foods that are as close to the way nature grows it as possible and not over do it with anything carb wise. So I am having salads with yummy seasonings on it, meat chicken or fish.. or an egg here or there, yoghurt with fruit. Lots of fruit, water and of course... have the very occasional sweet. You have got to have it :)
I am lucky, we have a veggie garden so I am making lots of dishes with those fresh veggies too..
You are beautiful, so don't stress, winter was here now it is gone... time to get out in the sun when you have days off of work and go for pleasuer walks... don't see it as exercise... and, dance to great music :)
HUggs Cazzie :)

Sakura said...

hey there girlfriend, just letting you know that I am back in the blogosphere, got a lot of catching up to do. Finally got 5 mins to myself to drop back in and see how you're going.