Monday, August 02, 2010

Jeebus H Christ on a pogo stick

Here is a list of the people who have pissed me off today.
  1. The coworkerS that I caught playing with their phones in a meeting today. Yes, multiples. Sitting side by side. I told one to quit it, and he did. Later, when I told the girl next to him to quit it, he defended her and said it didn't matter. Like hell it fucking doesn't. We're not here to fucking gasbag. I wanna sort shit out and go the fuck home. You having to ask for more info about something that has been clearly explained because you didn't pay attention is not helping the situation.
  2. The 'friend', IRL, who defriended me on facebook. No big drama. I mean, its just facebook. But don't tell me you quite facebook altogether when you've just defriended me and changed your name so that you can't be found.
  3. The friend who has stood me up for breakfasts, lunches and now dinners. Yeppers. For the birthday bonanza she said she'd be there. Then she wasn't. She has a history of not turning up because she can't be bothered. Not just for me, but for dates etc. She doesn't have a phone, so she can't be contacted when she is a no show. Apparently her mum was sick. On her facebook she has made plans with someone else. She still hasn't apologised. Do these people think I'm fucking stupid?
  4. The fuckwit moron who utilises our services at work. Passive aggressive bitch makes our lives difficult. Someone made a mistake. I don't know if it was us or her. But she is blaming us for fucking up the next month's worth of her work. From the wording of the email (that she sent straight to the director of the facility) it would seem that she can't find the instructions that she gave us. I know that those instructions would have been kept my my boss.  Lets for one moment ignore ALL the mistakes she's made that have made our lives more difficult... 
  • All of the extra breeding (and killing) we've had to do because she couldn't get her genotypes right. 
  • All of the extra work we had to do looking after animals they didn't want. Then having to kill them, because they didn't tell us they didn't want them.
  • All of the extra samples we had to take because they couldn't get their genotypes right
  • The way they give us cull lists when they're massive, so it takes an hour to do, and makes us want to vomit afterwards.
  • The fact that she CONTINUALLY fucks up her genotypes, and still doesn't know how to do one gene properly. We have done a lot of work to get dirty animals clean, and we don't even know if they're the type they want. So she's wasted someone else's very hard, emotionally rending work. Not only that, we have got a large colony still breeding in special conditions because we don't know if the clean animals are what they want. And when its time for that colony to go, its going to be exceptionally tough on ME. There will be vomiting and possibly self mutilation after that one.
Now, I don't care who made the fucking mistake. If it was her, then she should have kept her trap shut and spoken to the person she gave her instructions to. If it was us, then she should have kept her trap shut and spoken directly to the person who made that mistake. That is the very least that we would have done for her. As it stands, all she has done is pissed us off.


*~Dani~* said...

I know a person like #3. Then later on facebook she will publicly announce how she hasn't seen me in forever and it would be nice if she could and then I have to respond about how she stood me up the last three times. Now, I realize it is better just not to make plans with her. So frustrating.

The Mutant said...

Erk, fun hey?

I have the same problem with phone-users too.

I can't say my work situation is quite so bad - just soul stealing.

Hang in there baby, there's always light at the end of the tunnel.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Killing? Oh no....I don't know if I could. That chick needs to get her shit in order.

And I've had that Facebook thing happen to me too. THEY sent me a friend request, I accepted and then a week later, they've unfriended me. What the hell??? THEY asked me...I didn't ask them.

The T-Dude said...


It has been years. But out of nowhere your name popped into my mind and I thought I'd see if you were still a'blogging.

It sounds, from what I read, like it has been a wild ride since I since I last stopped by.

Having read the last post, do me a favor, avoid the self-mutilation. Beauty demands preservation, not desecration.

Ms Smack said...

Fuck me, if people just dont stop and think of consequences of all of these issues you've experiences.

SMSing, FBíng, during a meeting is just plain fucking rude whether you want to be there or not.

I couldn't do what you do for work. I'd be a mess. I saw animal asia the other day, a charity site, and still can't shake the images of those bears.


Memphis Steve said...

I have a post just like this sitting in drafts. Too many people are reading me who know me IRL without ever leaving comments to let me know they're there. I SO want to go off on a guy at work, but chances are some fuckhead will read it and take it to him. And then I'll get into deep shit trouble. So in drafts it shall stay. But nice post!

Anonymous said...

Love you!
I have such respect for you, you are one of the most real people I've ever met in bloggy land.

You are one kicking ass chick!