Wednesday, September 12, 2012


"A Phish may love a Byrd Senior, but whre would they live?"
I have named the crush. Byrd. Because I am Phish, and he (when I named him) seemed unattainable.

So girls have a huge problem with overthinking. I am no exception. I flirt. Like I breathe. Its natural. And guys flirt back. So its difficult for me to tell if they are just flirting because I am, or if they are really interested.

So. To that overthinking thing.

He said, one day as he was leaving, 'hopefully I'll see you soon'. And when he leaves, he gives me a wave and calls out to let me know he's going. Now, I know that I know whats going on. And other people realise that too. But his work ends when it ends. And he can just go home. He is a subcontractor, and I am a grunt. He doesn't nee my approval. Then again, I do tend to be friendly and ask him what time he's taking off. So maybe he's just responding to that. Maybe he just likes that someone shows an interest in him. Maybe its a subconscious response.

He smokes too. Normally a huge turn off. Except he smokes rollies, and they smell kind of earthy. Which I like. But he has smokers teeth. Again, bad teeth are normally a turn off. Those 2 are usually serious deal breakers for me. But when I noticed those, I was like 'whatever'.

Anyway. The other day there was a malfunction at work, and there was yoghurt EVERYWHERE. We were picking up broken tubs and emptying them down the drain, when he dropped one. And it splattered yoghurt all over his legs, chest and face. And he just paused for a moment while I giggled. The look on his face was clearly 'oh fuck off', but not directed at me. I made a joke that he was wearing black, and it would show up and look dodgy as hell. Oh yes. I made a cum joke. Thinking back, I could have segued into a dating joke 'that usually happens after the third date' type of thing.

Anyway, he went and cleaned himself up. And when he came back to work, he was cleaning the robot. And he stood up directly under the mechanism and smacked his head on it. Poor bugger is the man version of Bridget Jones.


Ute said...

Klutzy & cute!

I'm rooting for him... he's a smoker. We're becoming a rare breed. :D

Memphis Steve said...

I never realized how much women think relationship/sex-related thoughts until I made friends with a girl 15 years younger than me who tells me everything that crosses her mind, especially as it relates to guys and sex. Suddenly I saw the world through a girl's eyes and I was amazed. The amount of time and energy required to think about people and situations as frequently and in-depth as females do is phenomenal. They say guys think about sex all the time, but I don't think we spend half as much time thinking about the opposite sex in general as girls do.

phishez said...

Ute - don't you mean a dying breed?

Memphis - that's so true. Women fixate on men and over think things to much. They analyse everything and get together over coffee to read into texts. I once caught myself doing that and it was a mind spin. In asked a simple question, and received a simple answer. Immediately started over analysing. Thank god I caught myself doing it in time.

Ute said...

We're all dying. Some of us just wish to get there faster.

The T-Dude said...

Phishez -- How's the crush? Any progress? Has he finally recognized you spectacularness?

Memphis Steve said...

What's the latest, Phish dear?

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The T-Dude said...

Happy New Year. Miss your blogging.

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