Monday, January 19, 2015

No Junk January

So I went to the pet store and weighed myself on Thursday. Then spent thurs and fri in bed with a migraine. Saturday was a bit full on so on Sunday I went grocery shopping. I spent $130 on fresh food. I pledged to do No Junk January for the remainder of the month.

So Sunday I made fruit salad, prepped veggies for steaming through the week, made a bunch of ready-to-go salads for work and marinated a few bags of lean chicken breast for cooking pretty much straight from the oven.

I also made breakfast muffins. Which are damn yummy but a bit fiddly to make. So i doubled the batch to last longer. Recipe to follow.

After spending the day on the kitchen, i had nothing for dinner and no cooking mojo. So i had lasagne. It was cheesy and greasy and altogether... a bit too much. But its gone now.

Today i did well. Breakfast muffin for brekky. Fruit salad for morning tea, salad for lunch, fruit salad for arvo tea, almonds to nibble on. I had steak out for dinner, but i was ravenous when i got home and it world take too long to cook, so i had an extra snack of white corn tortilla chips and dip.

I know, I know. Tortilla chips? I had them already, they were open and they were there. I thought the basil dip would be ok. Then i checked the label.  34% fat. Fail.

Again.  Something I already had.

So dinner was a delicious steak, some oversteamed veggies and mashed sweet potato with abouta tablespoon of butter to bring it together.

And fuck me, but eating healthy today was hard work.

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Torfang said...

You are on the right track just have to keep it up, it may be hard to start with but the end results will be worth it. As for the chips, it could be good that you got rid of them now early on as they wont call you back into the junk food fold later on.