Tuesday, May 24, 2005

4 more sleeps

'Til I fly to Sydney. I did a heap of packing today. Well, mostly taped up already packed boxes and moved them out of my room, into the spare room. I'll end up moving them back into my room in about 2 days *Sigh*. I got most of my stuff done before I ran out of packing tape. So I went shopping and bought some more, and ended up out at uni again. I was talking to the person looking after my car for a bit and she's asking about insurance, and petrol, and... She's driving my car down a few weeks after I get settled, bringing my cat and rat at the same time, and staying with me for a bit while she does some volonteer work down there. So now I've got to do a heap more stuff before I end up going. And its only in 4 more sleeps.
My to-do list just keeps getting longer and longer. Time to go pack now.

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mist1 said...

I hate moving. I love to-do lists.