Thursday, August 24, 2006

Life... Pfft!!!

Ok. Life seems to be slightly eluding me at the moment. But I have heaps of almost-life-type stuff to say.

I'd like to begin with a quick one about my computer. I hate it (no 'puter, you didn't just read that. Its ok. I love you...). Anyhoo. It randomly freezes. And I mean randomly. With or without music; it can be five minutes into being turned on, or five hours; programs running or just sitting there, idle. Tis most irritating. I can be about to kill the last dude needed to conquer the world. And then I realise that my dudes aren't moving. And there's no sound...

But most irritating is when I'm doing real work, with words and/or numbers, or putting music on my mp3 player.

I've tried defragging, virus scanning (with TWO different progrmas), deleting stuff and reinstalling windows. Nothing works. @#^!ing computer.

I went out on the weekend. Not an 'I got out of the house' type out. I mean OUT out. With people. And drinking. And dancing. And seeing the sun come up. And a gay guy, cuz seriously, when is a night out a REAL night out without the token gay?

As a result of this almost-lifeness of the weekend, I was raaather tired on monday night. Just as I was about to go to bed, I hit overtired. And I hit it HARD. You know how little kids go when they get overtired? Excluding the grumpy-but-cute eye rubbing, I was like that. I was running around laughing at the walls, spouting randoms quotes from Scrubs ("You don't scare me woman... I'll apologise at rounds"), and singing two ladies from Cabaret.

Overtired + insanity = 'somebody call the men in white jackets'

I love this post. I don't comment there often, but I heart this guy. He's funny, and smart, and he has an absolutely amazing writing style. You really do feel when you read his stuff.

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