Friday, February 27, 2009

No Bounds

My retardedness knows no bounds. At the most inopportune times, it will rear its highly amusing head, and leave me lying on the ground.

1) Tip for the ladies out there... When you're wearing mascara, DO NOT RUB YOUR EYES no matter how itchy they are. Observe. This one didn't happen in front of anyone.

2) I did a high ropes course last weekend. But in the Aussie bush. Heaps of fun. But I was a sore mofo the next day.

3) I just won 2 gift cards for a photography session. Yay me!!!

4) How cute are these 2?

5) I fell over again today. In front of a car. Its ok, apart from a bruised ego I sustained no injuries. Are you guys getting sick of hearing the falling over stories, or do you still find them amusing?

6) I have New Penis...


Cazzie!!! said...

That high ropes course would be awesome! I am looking into doing a self defence course myself, due to the fact there are some stoopid people out there that don't realise nurses are there to HELP them not hurt them..
The kitties are cute phish!

Malnurtured Snay said...

Those are some adorable ... eh, scratch that: those are some fucking adorable cats, those are.

xl said...

#1 is good. Like Pris in Bladerunner.

#2 Yay Phish! That's like boot camp.

Anonymous said...

I do the mascara thing all the time. It's why I don't really bother too much anymore, I'm hideous enough without making myself look like Alice Cooper.

Ms Smack said...

Hey Phish, glad to see you're still posting and a new penis! Whoah! As you know, I'm always a fan of that site (and the participants) so I shall wander over there now.... I need new material, if you get my drift!


unique_stephen said...

#1 Warpaint is for faces, not eyes

#2 Smoking hemp rope does not make you high, I know, I've tried.

#3 So, they thing your photography s so bad you need a second chance?

#4 The only thing better than a nice pussy: two nice pussies.

#5 Do you have any Nemo bandaids?, they work on the kids and are so good they even stick to ego.

#6 Kind of incompatible whit #4, no?

*~Dani~* said...

I am constantly forgetting I am wearing makeup and rubbing my eyes. Since I usually do not wear a lot of mascara, I usually end up with a bunch of eyeliner on my fingers and none on my eyes. Quite attractive!

Maggie said...

I never wear eye makeup because I am an eye rubber... and i always look like a raccoon.

Reg Reagan said...

WTF is the story with all the dicks on the other site? I'd put those pencils to shame!

Love Reg ;)

Anonymous said...

Please don't stop the falling over stories - reminds me I'm not alone!

Anonymous said...

I have only seen one or two of those peni with the hedges nicely scaped. Can we educate those fellas, please? There are some ridiculous weeds growing around those parts... ahem.