Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Things that run through a girls head pre-date...

  • What will I wear tomorrow? Dress or skirt/top combo? The dress looks quite flattering, but I hate the print. Better ask gay bestie. Gay bestie says dress. Is the dress trying too hard?
  • The date's after work. Must take another bag. And makeup. And facewash. And moisturiser. And clean underwear.
  • Gotta shave legs.
  • Do I have condoms? Yep. Three different types. That should keep him happy.
  • Where are we meeting again?
  • Will he pay or do I have to take money? Do I have enough? It is just drinks and a movie. Shit I owe a work mate $20. Must go to the ATM.
  • What shoes will I wear?
  • Should I bling up? Or go au natural?
  • Have I plucked my eyebrows? Should I get the rest of the face fuzz while I'm at it?
  • Is the dress too much? I mean, it makes my shoulders look weird, though my boobs look hot.
So, I had a date last night. My first actual, proper date. I met him on findafuck. He messaged me on his second day there. I messaged back. He asked me some intriguing questions. We moved to emails. Then to texts and finally phone calls. We arranged to meet for drinks and a movie.

He was a complete gentleman. He held open doors, made way for me, took me to dinner and paid for absolutely everything. It was nice. Converstaion flowed, bu no real clickyness. No sex was going to happen, that was clear (from a geographical and morning start point of view). After about 3 hours he suddenly decided to call it a night. I was grilling him on his work (I was interested) and he was 'beginning to dwell on how much he had to do the next day'. He walked me to the train station where I got a kiss on the cheek and a one armed hug.



MissE said...

Ummm - I don't know what to say...

I so don't get men.

I want one.
But I don't get them.

Josh said...

What do you mean WTF? What did you expect on a first date, him to insist on jumping your bones?

You may have actually found a nice guy for a change. Enjoy it and see what happens if there is a second date.

phishez said...

misse- you and me both girl. You and me both.

Josh- i knew nothing was going to happen, and i'm not worried about that, but a kiss on the cheek? Let alone the one armed hug...

Fanny F said...

The way a date is ended is often the subject of deep analysis!

When you got the kiss on the cheek and was saying goodbye did he have good eye contact, or did he avoid your gaze?
I think you need to read the body language around the kiss and the one armed hug to better figure out what he was thinking.
That aside, I think a kiss on the cheek and a hug is an OK way to finish a date.
I've had a good old pash with many a date and never dated them again, so you just never know!

I can relate to your checklist by the way ... I think the hot boobs look is always the way to go.

The Mutant said...

Right, so I'm rather slack when it comes to SMS replies, but I can waffle on more here anyway.

Without being a fly on the wall for your date its hard to know exactly what chemical forces were flying where.

I've been told in the past that if a person touches their face repeatedly then they're interested. Did he?

He may be playing the game whereby he'd like to get to know you so don't be so stunned by the fact he didn't just want to plough you and get home to bed.

Did he make any plans or mentions of catching up again? If so he still has an interest.

I will be a bit of a downer though and say this; unless he is utterly, utterly responsible he wouldn't mind staying out late even with an early start.

He may dodge questions about his job because of the fact its super-high paid and he wants to ensure you're not just in it for the cash.

These are the things I think.

None provide a definitive answer I know, however keep an open mind at all times and don't give up on real dates because each one is different and at the end of the day they are all good fun, even the bad ones.

phishez said...

Fanny - he gave a quick peck on the cheek. I went for the slightly lingering kiss on his cheek, but he pulled away. A hug is an ok way to end a date, but a one armed one? That's the bit that's thrown me...

Mutant - I don't recall that he touched his face a lot. We did lots of eye contact, but it wasn't really that deep, just conversation. He wasn't dodging the work questions - I was just really interested and wanted to know lots.
Oh, and you had me worried with the lack of sms and blogging. Don't do that again!

Ben said...

My sister in law gets a kiss on the ceek and a one armed hug...

But you said yourself - no real sexual clicking happened. Maybe let this one go?

Fanny F said...

Hmm..he pulled away from the kiss? Not such a good sign. Or maybe he's just nervous or inexperienced? I think maybe only time will tell.

Ms Smack said...

Could be just nerves. Or he may 'just not be into you' as the saying goes.

Give him 2 days and if he hasn't called, well, you either wait another 2 days, and if there still no contact, you accept that's your answer. AND you haven't lost your dignity in the process.

Or, you can call him and ask him if he'd like to catch up again. Don't text. Don't email. You deserve an immediate response.

But, if you put yourself on the line asking, you may feel the sting if he's not interested...

All the best. It's all a guessing game. Remove the guesswork.

unique_stephen said...

was it a groppy titty pressing one armed hug or was i more of an arm bar?

Anonymous said...

A one armed hug?

Phishy, were you dating my Tad?


Hey, can you follow up and let us know - did he call you again? was he just being shy and gentlemanly? I'd love to find out!!

Clyde said...

Come on Phish, the man was totally overwhelmed by your beauty.

At least you got free dinner----
Now text him and thank him for dinner and tell him that "we must do it again".
Leaves it to him that you are open for seconds but not a desperate