Sunday, July 11, 2010


Ok. I'm epically fucking bored right around now. Sunday night. I've cleaned. I've cooked as much as one can with the limits on fresh veges that I've got. Payday approaches.

But that's not what I'm online to write about.

I had a shrink visit this week. No biggie. I took the day off to chillax afterwards. Did a bit of shopping and texted the booty call. He said he'd be catching up with me, before he started work in the afternoon, but after his meeting finished.

I messaged him that I'd be home around midday. Well, I messaged him lots of other things, but I choose not to post them here. They're kind of irrelevant. My train got in a little late. I was hungry, so I decided to grab a sweet tea to consume on the way home. I mean, I thought he was going to be there around 12, it was 12 already, and I had to shower, shave and at least tidy up a little. I really didn't have time to chew.

I was contemplating my drink as I was walking home. The sugared juice of a root vegetable with balls of tapioca starch at the bottom. And it was going down so well. Until I bumped into one of my trainers.

Oh. The *shame*.

When I saw him I just stopped. I knew I'd been busted and he knew I wasn't consuming anything that was good. He was very nice about it. And I was lucky it wasn't Simon. He would have ripped it out of my hands, thrown it in the bin and yelled at me. Irrelevant of the fact that we were in the middle of a shopping centre.

Of course, the next time I went to training I got in trouble. We were made to do hill sprints. Which I took with good grace and lots of laughs.

But I was kind of lucky to get caught. Its really highlighted to me the fact that, while I considered how the drink fit the convenience I was after, I didn't think about it. I really need to start doing that again.

Oh. And for the booty call. He never made it. *le sigh* I had a cup of carbs for nothing.

This weeks weight 91.5kg.


Ute said...

You got in trouble for drinking tea? Wtf?
Since when has tea been fattening?!

Cazzie!!! said...

Hey STeph, I have been wroking nightws but will catch up on your goss when I have slept today... hope you are feeling good... just take care okay :)

*~Dani~* said...

I think the lesson here is to never trust a booty call. Not only are the unreliable but they make you eat/drink bad things!

unique_stephen said...

Your booty fell through -- what a cnut.

I hope you make him go down on you extra long next time.

Ms Smack said...

I didn't know you were back again!!! YAY!

Fuck the tea, and that booty call, well, give him less next time. Mongrel.