Friday, January 13, 2012


Ok. First week on, and I've been slack. I've been too sore to train since Monday. Plus busy as hell. Today was going to be a training day, but I'm spending it on the couch, in my jammies.

I WILL go tomorrow, or I will post a picture of my naked thighs. Which I really don't want to do since I hate them :/

Instead, I shall tell a story.

When I was in year 12, we went out planting trees for an afternoon. I know, a riot of fun right?!? Well it was. I don't care if we were all young adults. We got to spend an afternoon off, running around in a paddock and NOT doing schoolwork.

The bonus was, it was in my home town. Which was a half hour bus trip to school. All the kids in my town went home when the tree planting ended. An hour and a half early. Win.

When it came time to leave, we were told that, because of some legal bullshit, the bus was not allowed to stop to let us off. Instead, it was smarter and more responsible to get us to WALK the 2 to 6 kilometers back to our respective homies. Being from the country, it wasn't that big a deal, but still.

My house was the closest. I nominated everyone to go there, have a drink (of coke, G rated back then) and call someone to come pick them up.

As luck would have it, there were roadworks going on right out the front of my place. We got back to my place, cracked a cold one, and went out to make a suggestion to lollipop guy.

Remember that bus that wasn't allowed to stop to let us off. We stopped it. Right out the front of my house. We made it sit there for 5 minutes in the heat while we drank our cold, refreshing beverages. And our strict Catholic school teachers sat at the front and could only fume at us, with our shirts untucked, our top buttons undone, our ties down (or off), and our jumpers around our waists. EPIC Win.

While one teacher in particular looked like he was about to have an anneurism, our classmates laughed.

Still cracks me up.

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