Friday, February 10, 2012

The reality of dog attacks

Denver TV Anchor bitten on face by just rescued dog

Please take a moment to read the short article, and watch the 30 second video.

This seriously shits me!!!!

Knowing animal behaviour, tThe dog gave her a brief (but very serious) warning, and the 'attack' was nothing but a warning nip. If it had been a full fledged attack, the owner would not have been able to pull the dog off. Indeed, as soon as he had been removed from the woman, he stopped moving, submitting totally to his owner. In fact, his owner even put his hand directly on the mouth of this apparently vicious dog!  Who the fuck goes to kiss a unknown dog in the face anyway! Especially in a stressful environment like a TV set?

Whats worse, is that the media are portraying this as an unprovoked attack. Gary Shapiro, co-host of the show, even wrote "...At the very end of the segment, Max snapped at Kyle for whatever reason and got some of her lip"

And now that dog, after all he's been through, will have to be removed from his owner for 10 days and quarantined (more stress). And his owner will have to go to court to face 3 charges over the attack, and not having control of his dog. Looked like he had brilliant control in that video to me. In fact, having the dog on a leash would have done nothing to stop the nip, and would have taken longer for him to returned to his owner.

This is not the dogs fault, its the womans ignorance.


Ute said...

Pisses me off, too.

Heard the dog will now be pts. Wtf?

Anyone with half a fucking brain can see that this dick head woman was WAY too close for comfort. In the dogs face. I would bite her fucking lip off too if she was in my face.

It shits me to tears that all of a sudden, everyone makes a HUGE deal over 'unprovoked' dog attacks.
If people learned how to behave around dogs, there wouldn't be so many dog attacks.

Fenstar de Luxe said...

Humans are SO STUPID!

phishez said...

The incidence of idiopathic (unknown origin) agression is actually extremely low! I mean, its something like 4%.

But people don't look into causes agression to fix it, they just label the dog 'bad' or 'dangerous'.

As soon as I got the feeling the media were portraying it as unprovoked, I had to look at the video to see for myself.