Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The moral of the story is... DONT WAKE STEPH

At 3.30am last Friday I received a phone call, to my mobile, from male with Indian accent, from a private number. He began to introduce himself, and stated he was calling for…’ I cut him off with a mumbled ‘it’s 3.30 am’ and hung up.

At 3.50 the phone rang again. I picked it up and answered with ‘for Christ’s sake its 3.30 am stop fucking calling me’. I hung up immediately afterwards. The phone rang again immediately, and I let it ring out. It rang again straight after that and went through to message bank. The caller left a sexually offensive message starting with ‘hey bitch’ and going on to say he was going to come over ‘kiss you all over’ and ‘sex you up’.

When I heard the message tone I turned off all ring and message tones but left the mobile on as it is my alarm clock.

In the morning there were 4 unanswered calls from private numbers. A message was left at 4.21 am, 4.22 am and 5.39 am. There was also a missed call at 5.44 am, but no message was left. These messages were not offensive but it is irritating that I have to pay for telemarketers to leave messages on a primarily emergency use phone.

So on Saturday I went to a current affairs show here in Australia. And today I was interviewed. Tomorrow night I'm going to be on national tv, scary.


Kezza said...

so... how was your television debut? Sorry I missed it, but I never watch TV and even if I did, here on WINSA you'd look a lot more like you were stuck in a blizzard!

MissE said...

Hey phishez... what a tool! nd I agree, who is letting the whole telemarketing thing be a viable option?