Monday, September 26, 2005

So much for a day off

Today was supposed to be my ADO (Allocated Day Off). But I found out last week that I had to attend an orientation seminar (read snoozefest, aimed at nurses). So I decided to take my day off another time.
So this morning I rock up at work, as per usual. But becuase I don't know whats going on with the day (what time do we start, do we get lunch and when, is there a place that I can put my lunch, what do we actually do, is ANY of it going to be relevant to me? and so on...) I haven't bought anything, except a blank book and a stack of different pencils (OK, so I have a habit of doodling when I'm bored, and I knew it was going to be boring).
After sitting in the tea room for half an hour at work, I go upstairs to where I should be. All I saw up there were two cleaners carts. So much for the queues that I was informed would be everywhere. Away, across the other side of the building, I could see a wondow with people in a small room. After hiking across the room, I asked what had happened to the orientation I was supposed to attend. Turns out that they don't hold it during public holidays because nobody turns up. I told them I'd heard it would be pretty boring, and was told yes, yes it was. They had been showing the same video for 15 years, no updates or anything. They asked which department I was working in, and when I told them they just laughed.

Anyway for my day off, I ended up spending the whole day at work, working. How fun for me. I at least get my ADO transferred to later in the week sometime.


phishez_rule said...

I was so excited because there were 4 comments on this post. 4!!! But seeing as I have a policy of deleting add-comments, I now have none. This one's to boost my self esteem.

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