Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Everybody Hates Christmas

I know I do.
But who actually likes going to the supermarket in July and seeing those decorations and shit. They put them up high deliberately so that they slowly come into our awareness.
In October they play the bloody christmas jingles. They worm their way into your brain and it takes THREE MONTHS to get them out. So from October to March you have bloody Christmas carols in your head. Thats SIX WHOLE MONTHS!!!
Then theres the people. The stupid people who don't yet know what they want to get their second cousin that lives two states away that they never see, and so have decided to look at every single product aimed at that age group. EVERY PRODUCT. And the kids, the whiny 'Mommy I want this' kids. And they cry, and whine, and the parents are stupid, and they make me feel stupid. They make me want to hurt people. You can't get anything at the shops, and you can't go to any type of shopping area for the crowds. You can't move from one area of a department store to another in less than 15 minutes, and thats if they're adjacent to each other.
The best thing about christmas is the overtime.


Kezza said...

wanna know what an "ad-comment" is? Look up

I always remove mine so that makes anyone who remarks about them look a bit silly!

phishez_rule said...

Hehehe. You look like a wierdo now. Then again...