Monday, September 19, 2005

Good coffee should make you want to have sex with the person who made it.

I don’t need to add to that.

On a completely different note I went shopping on Saturday. For clothes and groceries. There was this really cool pair of jeans at Kmart, complete with scarfbelt. So I decided to try them on. They were SO WRONG!!! The designers had just taken a ‘small person’ style and just used more denim. They were low riding, which I think is a no-no for big people. And they were skinny leg, fitted jeans. Which on a large person equates to flab fitting across the butt and thighs, and really narrow at the knees. My lower half resembled a top-heavy hourglass. The designers of these jeans obviously had no idea that as a woman gets larger, her ENTIRE shape changes. Thus someone who is a plus size is not going to have a figure resembling a rake. I do actually like my body, but I am more than willing to acknowledge that my big wobbly butt and thighs are NOT my best asset. I did not get those jeans.
After the jeans shopping fiasco (where I didn’t get any), I went to Coles to get my groceries. They’ve got Christmas stockings up already. It’s September. Christmas is a full ¼ of the year away. When I wrote the post about Christmas, I had no idea that it would soon become reality.

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