Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I love hugs

*Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug* *Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug* *Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug* *Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug* *Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug* *Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug* *Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug* *Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug* *Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug* *Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug**Hug*

You have just been hugged! That's right, there's no getting out of it this time! This is the start of a full-scale Hug O' War! Send a hug to everyone you know! Hug your friends, your enemies, everyone! With all the other forwards out there, I thought this would be a good one to start.
The hug is my favourite sign of affection.
It can mean so much, and many things at the same time.
It can be a sign of love, friendship, comfort or anything.
So here you go.
All I can say it will do is brighten someone's day.
I mean, we all need a hug once in a while.
So send this on if you'd like, to anyone who may need a hug
Goodness knows, we could all REALLY use a tight hug sometimes.

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