Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What went wrong with today

I think it would be quicker to tell you about what went right. I had today all planned out, looking after my breeders first, then going into my main areas, with time left over for a massive joint cleaning session.

I had to count a co-workers animals, because he's on holidays and, because it’s the end of the month, I had to do what is best described as a monthly summary. I got more animals than he had at his last count, only no more had arrived between then and now. I couldn't use our record book because he uses his differently to what I’m used to. Then when I thought I had it all worked out, there were more deceased animals on the cards than on any records, and the ones in the records weren't matching the days that some of the cards indicated dead animals were discovered.

So naturally trying to wrap my head around this put me back a few hours. I went from there into my usual areas but I barely had time to do the change, which was supposed to have been done yesterday. I never got time to do my share of the joint cleaning. After this I had three other areas to check, and I had to call someone to get them into the facility to instruct them on applying some relief cream to some tails (gotta love working in an institution). She was supposed to come down just after morning tea, but she ended up arriving when we were supposed to be finishing everything off. And I still have to monitor her animals very closely because I have the very deep, very well based suspicion that she’s going to ignore everything I told her today. And during all of this I kept getting my supervisor coming in and telling me that I'd missed this; or to not do this job, do this instead: and why was this box left here, its been there for two or three days now (I’d had Monday off, so I’d only been at work two days, and checked that area once this week). Just one of those frustrating days.

At least I can laugh at the mouse bite on my thumb. Hurts like hell.

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