Sunday, August 07, 2005

How do you furnish a house for less than $500?

Answer: St Vinnies (or other similar charity stores) and discount stores (for the new stuff).

Wardrobe $60
Desk $55
Dining table and 4 chairs $75
Sofa Bed $120
Coffee Table $30
Phone Table (New) $20
Chest of Drawers (New) $80
Entertainment Unit (New) $50
TOTAL $490

This doesn’t count tableware ($40 for a complete 8 person setting – plates, bowls, cups, mugs, saucers, bread plates, and cutlery), or pots/pans/kettle/toaster ($8 a piece), or the stuff that I already had.
My mattress cost more than my entire furnished house. But it’s a bloody good one.
I am proud of myself. Bargain hunting runs in my genes.

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Kezza said...

Everyone loves a bargain... I thrive on the fuckers! While my house is still reasonable devoid of furniture (it's all my housemates) I can generally manage to pick up clothes for next to nothing. I walked out of Jay Jays with two jumpers, a denim jacket and a pair of pinstripe pants for about $40 in total the other day.

Other bargains include my $60 double bed, free coffee table and kitchen setting and $1500 fridge, Oh shit hang on that wasn't my best bargain, but it looks cool and is all stainless steely!