Sunday, August 07, 2005

The shape of my future

You know how there’s always one teacher from school or high school that makes an impression on you. I’ve been thinking about my version of this teacher a lot over the last few days. He was my biology teacher in year 12. He was the teacher that would explain everything once and I’d just get it. No matter how difficult the topic. What made this teacher really special is that he would go the extra mile. I was looking at going to the University of Queensland in 2002. And I put in my application as per normal. Then I started looking for accommodation. I found this place I really wanted, not to expensive, not too seedy, but the closing date was the day before. I was so upset. Living two states away at the time, it wasn’t like I could go up to Queensland to check out rental places until I actually moved up there either. I went into school (this was after exams had finished mind you, I wasn’t his responsibility anymore) to talk to our careers counselor. I dropped by his office to say hi and, when he asked how I was, I told him what was going on, almost ending up in tears. He told me to go see the careers counselor and got the number off me for this place.
I couldn’t find the careers counselor, so I left messages where she might be. Then I returned to the office. He had just gotten off the phone to the accommodation place and they had agreed to accept my application. I ended up getting offered a room at this place too, but unfortunately (or fortunately in the long run) I didn’t get accepted into the course I wanted. The thing is, this guy was the vice principal of the school, and he could have easily said I wasn’t his responsibility anymore, or that it was my problem, or that he had other, more important stuff to do. But he didn’t.
The reason I’m telling this story is that something has struck me about my job recently. I knew when I accepted the job offer, that an animal tech had no prospects of going anywhere. But it really hit home the other day when we were sitting in the staff room at tea break talking about the job, and one of my colleagues stated ‘when you become an animal tech, that’s all you’ll be. The job goes nowhere. You’ll stay an animal tech forever.’ It really struck me, forever is a long time to be shitkicking. So I’m thinking about sticking at this job for a bit (a few years), and then going and doing vet science. I figure that much faith in my potential can’t be blind.

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