Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Pizza Never Lies

I can't beleive its been two weeks since my last post. I saw 'the bridge' for the first time at night, I had a birthday, I moved, I drove in heavy traffic in the city(ish region, but still bloody good for me). But I'm not going to expand on any of that here. If anybody cares you can ask questions.

I spent last night going through my pictures on my computer. I have shitloads. And some of them are darn weird. I figure that if I use some of the random things thast garfield says can make really good msn names... or blog titles. I came home last night and one of the goats out the back had its horns tangled in the fence. So I had to ring the real estate agent to get them to contact the landlord so that someone could come down and fix it. bloody goats gotten throught he fence again this afternoon, but its not caught. If it wanders from one side of the yard to another its fine, but if it gets into trouble I'd be all ready to jump the (6 foot high) fence to fix it. Not quite sure how I'd do it, but I can climb fences at need. I learnt at least one useful skill at uni.

Anyhoo. I've decided that when I have no interesting news to post I will post a pretty picture or something to amuse my readers. *Sigh* I have no life, unless you all want to hear about my cat.


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