Thursday, July 21, 2005


I have so much stuff to tell. My last post wasn't really that long, these are the things that have been going on in my life.

1) The house. I've been stressing over finances and wether or not I'll have a fridge. I advertised on the net for housemates, and I have had a pretty good response. I'm showing people through on the weekend. It gives me a chance to explore the place, and to meet potential housemates. I do think its funny though; there's a way to email people questions about the property, and I've been getting a few 'questions' "regaring property 1234..." with contact details but no question. These people are obviously not that interested in the house. If they were the'd have rung, or have at least asked a question.

2) Work and money. They don't always go hand in hand apparently. We've been short staffed at work while one of us was on holidays, and the other people working in our facility (but not on our team) are massively short staffed, so we've been picking up their slack with duties that are normally shared. And I haven't been paid properly. I worked a public holiday 3 pay periods ago, and they still haven't paid me properly for it. And they owe me for a weekend I worked. That adds up to some serious and much needed money.

3) I read Harry Potter. I'm not going to comment on the plot, but just a few thoughts. WOW! Did not see the ending coming. Though it leaves the plot open for an awesome seventh book, and very possibly more. I'm sure the theories abound. I also thought the relationship twist was really good, and I liked the fact that she's starting to acknowledge the obvious, though nothing happened. Its been 3 books dammit!!!

4) The Random SMS'er. I got a random SMS on Tuesday. 'Hey how are you?'. I ended up texting this guy for a bit. Until I told him I had to go to bed, and he wanted to join me. Creep. 15 texts and he thinks thats enough to get someone into bed. I wouldn't be as worried if he told me where he got this number from, and how he knew I was in Sydney. He said he was searching though '?' and found it. He didn't say where he was searching through. I never told him I was in Sydney either. NSW; yes, but Sydney; no. And he's just texted me again. I'm not wasting more money on it. I have enough money woes.


phishez_rule said...

Sorry about the colouring everybody (or nobody, either way...). If you have issues reading it just highlight it. i'm not bloody changing it again.

Somebuddy said...

Yes! Harry's and Ron's relationships with the girls have been so obvious and I'm glad J.K. has allowed them growth. The ending (the death) didn't totally surprise me.
Beware of unknown creepy people and their messages.

Kezza said...

he he heh... yeah your colour choice sucks, but I did manage to work out the highlighting thing before I read the comments, so yay for me!

Somebuddy - you suck, you just gave away all the plots, that were so fastidiously protected! Like I care, I've never read a Harry Potter book in my life, nor do I intend to... Even my dating rules are based around Harry Potter, ie: to win a date with me you must be
a) employed
b) under 30
c) not living with your parents
d) have no addiction issues with alcohol or drugs (ciggies are okay though)
e) not be wrapped up in the whole Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars bullshit!

Can you now see why I'm so popular with the boys! lol

Alicia said...

this has nothing to do with the comment but i just wanted to say hi steph and i am glad that things are working out for you and that you are happy well you sound happy email me if ya wanna chat some more alicia