Sunday, July 03, 2005

Why I'm moving again

I gave notice to my landlord today. Things came to a head and we had a huge fight about him wanting to keep a door open. But that will be on the bottom of my list of what I've had to put up with. Here it is...

This is what I've had to put up with in the month I've been here.
  • When I moved int there were dishes on the sink that had been there for 4 months. There was a fucking spider in one of the pots. And he didn't do anything about them. I had to wash them so I could eat.
  • When I inspected this place I told him I hate roaches and he told me there were no, repeat NO roaches in this house. There are. This place is infested. The roaches have actually broken his microwave, which he has yet to fix.
  • When I moved in the bathroom hadn't been cleaned in at least 6 months, if not more. And it took two weeks of asking and waiting, and asking, and waiting and demanding and telling him I wasn't doing it to get it done. I spend as little time as possible in there.
  • He bought potatoes 6 months before I moved in, and forgot about them. Long story short - there was a big bag of insect shit in the cupboard. I don't use that cupboard.
  • He shakes when he goes to the toilet. I know this by the drips on the toilet wall. EWWWWWWWWWW
  • He has owned this place for a year and only bought a mop a week ago. The bathroom floor feels furry.
  • He hosted a BBQ 3 weeks ago, and his guests did the dishes (which I get), but they left them to drain on the sink. They're still there. Refer to point 2 about the roach infestation.
  • The stove hadn't worked for 4 months when I moved in. Took him 2 weeks to get it fixed. Then he refused to clean up because he said he'd done work for this week - yeah, waiting for a guy to show up to install it. No time to clean there.
  • There are times when he doesn't come home at all until I'm in bed. On one of these nights I left him a note telling him he had to do his dishes from the BBQ that day, or he'd get roaches all over them. I also asked when he was going to clean the bathroom. When he got home at 11pm he woke me to discuss this note. Next time he wants to discuss anything after I'm in bed I'll just tell him that I'll wake him at 6am, when i get up, to discuss it.
  • When I was inspecting this place I asked if he was going to get the phone installed. He said he was going to do it within a week. Two weeks later I asked him about ti and he said no, work paid for all of his calls on the mobile so he didn't need a landline. So I got it connected, with telstra, becuase I have a telstra mobile. He cracked the shits because he works for optus. He's not going to contribute to the bill, so why should he care?
  • Before I even moved in, he was asking about the cat, how I was going to keep her, if I was going to take responsibility for her etc. I told him the cat was strictly to be kept indoors, and I'd keep her in my room for a couple of days to get her aclimatised to the place and then I'd move her stuff out of my room and let her out to run around. Three days after she gets here we start talking about her arrangements. He wants her kept in my room all of the time, with her litter tray and food bowls in there too. I come up with a compromise. She gets to run around but I keep her tray and food in my room.
  • The roof leaks when it rains, over my bed.
  • The kitchen tap leaks. Its irritating and I can always hear it. And there's a drought on.
  • Last week we organised a cleaning routine. One week he cleans the bathroom/toilet, and I clean the kitchen/lounge and the next week we swap. This morning I remind him that it's cleaning day (nothing pushy, very casual about it) and he gets up me and tells me he can only clean once a fortnight and if I want it cleaned its up to me. He tells me he doesn't have time to clean because he's going out soon. Three sentences later he tells me its up to me to find a new place if I don't like his cleaning ideals. I come up with a compromise. He cleans one week. I clean the next.
  • Later this morning I closed an external door, because ti was open and the cat was running around. He comes dtorming out of his room and starts yelling at me 'Why do you always close the doors? I want it open'. I tell him I want it shut because the cat is supposed to be kept indoors and keeping the doors shut will help that cause. He opens the door. I shut the door and ask why he doesn't open the identical door next to it that's got a screen on it. He tells me 'because I don't want to'. I ask him how long he wants it shut for, because during this time the cat has to be locked up in my room, and he tells me for 6 hours. I mean what the fuck? Isn't he supposed to be going out soon? Then he tells me its not working out. And I tell him I'm going. I've got a month to find a new place.
Well guess what! Karma's a bitch and so am I. I've had to put up with his shit for a month and now he can put up with mine for a month. We've already had a 'my dicks bigger than yours' competition involving his TV and my computer. I won. If he has the TV too loud then he won't hear a thing anyway.

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