Friday, July 01, 2005

Ups, Downs and Workmates

I just got back from a really awesome night. We had a concert at work, with a choir of some of my workmates and researchers. There were three a capella choirs, and they were actually really, really good. Unfortunately the night finished really early. So its 10.30pm my time, and I'm all wired to go out. I'm even all dressed and have a face on. But no social outlet. My only social outlet was the crook mentioned a few posts earlier. But seeing as the guys at the boarding house hate him, they hate me by default too. Still I had some social contact tonight. Would really like to go out right now tho. I'm not even in a mood to drink. I just want to be out, dancing, with people.
And now for a lighter note. Had the funniest discussions at morning tea today. Started off talking about Howards new labour laws. Then from there the discussion went to legal issues and stupid people suing other stupid people over really petty and stupid things. And that stirred Rudi out of his book. Now I should tell you about Rudi. He's old, less than 6 months away from retirement, a very talented musician and a good singer. And he spends most of our breaks sitting quietly in his corner reading his books. Now when he stirred out of his book to our discussion he became really lively. Everything was 'F***ing this' and 'F***ing that'. And we're all either laughing or trying not to laugh. Then we were discussing a case where a chick got hit on the head with a sign and was constantly having orgasms in public (Where was this sign I wonder?), so she was suing... somebody. And Rudi pipes up about the Japanese eggs. And then he asks if we all know what they are, and I fully beleive if somebody had said no he would have explained it, graphically. We were discussing this on the way out of the hospital after the concert, and I mentioned that I had not expected that comment from him. And Caroline says "Rudi, Oh no. He knows every position known to God, and then some we don't even know about!"

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