Sunday, July 10, 2005

The joys of furniture shopping

I had one of the most hectic weekends just recently (yesterday and today). Combine my natural sleep deprivation at the end of a working week, with weekend work (money is good, but I start even earlier), with looking at properties and furniture shopping. Both full time undertakings, and with an afternoon each to do them. So on Saturday I saw a few properties. I’m applying for two of them. One is more expensive than I wanted, but its worth it. Balcony, new carpets and lino, a paddock of goats out the back, close to work. The other is smaller and has older interior, and the shower isn’t quite as good, but its cheaper and has a huge backyard. Comparing week to week rent I’d got for the more expensive one, but I’ve got to get a bond and get set up as well. So I’m applying for both of them. I need a place to stay and I’ll be happy at either.So after 3 hours of furniture shopping this afternoon I have come to the conclusion I’m never going to afford all the house furnishings. I have also come to the conclusion that furniture store boys are really really hot, and a lot of fun to flirt with. So the best thing I can come up with about having to buy my furniture one piece at a time is that I get to look at hot hot furniture boys.

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