Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I was walking home from work this arvo, and I had a random memory from my uni days.

Four of us had gone into town to do some shopping/waste time. We borrowed a friends car, and it broke down while we were there. So we called someone to come in and pick us up. Meanwhile the driver had gotten the car going, so he took it back while it was still running. Teharne and I had elected to stay back in case the guy who was picking us up had already left. Now this guy is notoriously slow. And after 10 minutes of waiting we came up with a game. We tried to guess the colour of the next car to come around the corner we were standing on. I picked white, and Teharne picked red. Of course after three yellow cars and no red ones had gone by she'd change her mind and guess yellow. *Cue the red cars*. It got to the point where, when one of the colour cars we'd guessed came round the corner, we'd lean in together, stand up stright, and 'golf clap', congratulating the car as it went by. Naturally as soon as the car began to accelerate away we cracked up laughing.

That also happened to be the day that a stack of uni students were going this way and that, on that exact corner. Heaps of random fun. And no, we weren't drunk. This acticity kept us entertained for about half and hour. Uni was a 10 minute drive away.


Kezza said...

Flashbacks are awesome, it was only the other day that I was sitting at work, not doing very much when something reminded me of the time the Ricky Martin's tour bus broke down out the front of Mum and Dad's farm and he had to stay with me for the night. I was at the time entertaining Bruce Willis, so you can just imagine the threesome that came out of that scenario. I had a huge grin on my face as the memory took hold. No little detail escaped my mind and it was as if I was sandwiched between those two hot lovers all over again!

Oh fuck, hang on. That didn't actually happen... but it should have!

phishez_rule said...

I remember one time we were on the bus and I was telling you I didn't like Ricky Martin... and you managed to convince me that if the opportunity arose I should sleep with him, if only to claim 'celebrity sex'. You're a bad influence on me. Yay.